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Washington Nationals’ Anthony Rendon and Davey Martinez ejected by Marty Foster in world class #umpshow

Home plate umpire Marty Foster’s strike zone wasn’t going over well with the Washington Nationals, but Foster’s decision to toss Anthony Rendon over his reaction to a called third strike sent the Nats’ skipper, Davey Martinez, into a rage...

New York Mets v Washington Nationals Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Washington Nationals’ manager Davey Martinez took the high road after Trea Turner got tossed from from the home opener for vociferously arguing a called third strike with the home plate ump, Doug Eddings.

“He said he’ll take a look at it,” Martinez explained when asked about the conversation he had with the ump after the ejection.

“I’m never going to criticize an umpire,” Martinez continued.

“It is what it is, they’ve got a job to do and for the most part they’re good at their job, they really are. Trea felt differently, so we’ve just got to move on from that.”

It wasn’t as easy for Martinez to move on from Anthony Rendon’s ejection this afternoon.

After the Nationals’ third baseman took a questionable called strike and tossed his bat to the left-hand batter’s box, Foster had enough of the non-verbal complaints apparently, so he tossed Rendon, bringing Martinez to the plate for an actual argument that ended with a second ejection.

Martinez had his say, however, kicking some dirt to show the ump how far inside the third strike on Rendon actually was and tossing his hat in disgust.

Martinez earned his first career ejection. He was hot. The normally mild-mannered manager lost it.

Congrats on another career first, Davey.