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Matt Adams Big City Doing Big City Things t-shirt from Breaking T

Matt Adams is quickly becoming a fan favorite in the nation’s capital, so of course the Nationals’ hard-hitting 1B/LF just got his own t-shirt from Breaking T...

Matt Adams’ offensive production has been one of the early highlights for the Washington Nationals in 2018, with the 29-year-old first baseman/left fielder putting up ten home runs and a .304/.421/.734 line in 95 plate appearances so far this season, over which he’s been worth 1.2 fWAR.

On the glove side, Adams has impressed as well, providing better-than-expected defense in left field, including a home-run robbing catch during the last homestand that impressed his teammates, manager, and even the outfielder himself.

“It’s still new,” he said of playing left field, “... but I think each time out there — I was talking to [first base coach Tim Bogar] and [third base/outfield Bob Henley] about it today.


“The drills that I’m doing with Hen and just getting out there and seeing balls off the bat, it kind of gives me a comfort level, and each time out there it’s been better and better.”

Gio Gonzalez summed up what he’s seen from Adams after he benefitted from the home run robbery last week...

“Big City doing Big City things,” Gonzalez told reporters.

If you thought a quote like that was going to escape the attention of our friends at Breaking T, you haven’t been paying attention.

Davey Martinez told reporters this week that he was getting more comfortable with using the big left-handed bat in left field.

“It’s been what I expected, because he worked so hard at it in Spring Training,” Martinez said.

“The key with him was his first step, and it’s noticeable, even when he’s playing first base, that his feet are actually working, and he’s loving it. He worked every day on it.

“So he’s doing well, and the hitting portion of it, we knew he could hit. He’s always hit, so now he’s getting an opportunity to play, he’s having fun, and he’s helping us win some big games.”

Big City. Big games.

Adams, who essentially replaced Adam Lind, but has provided more than expected, has been winning over the fanbase in D.C. too, even if they didn’t necessarily respond to the decision to sign him and let Lind leave this winter.