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Wire Taps: Nationals sweep while hobbled; Austin Voth looks good; The Reyno-aissance

Catch up on the last 24 hours in Nationals news while you wait for the start of this week’s two-game set with the Yankees.

Washington Nationals v Arizona Diamondbacks Photo by Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images

So. The Nats just swept the best team in the NL (at least, up to this weekend) over four games. The Caps are up 2-0... in the third round. Savor this feeling, because you’re not gonna get anything like it for a while.

Here’s the scoop from South Capitol.

The Nats are on a tear while injury-hobbled
Ryan Zimmerman is on the DL (though Matt Adams replacing him isn't exactly the worst thing), as is Matt Wieters, along with Joe Ross, Adam Eaton, and Daniel Murphy. They're wasting a lot of money, and they're still winning.

Mark Reynolds called up, Erick Fedde struggles, Carter Kieboom improving
The Nats are all over the place in the minors! Their aces are struggling! Their struggling hitters are raking!

Adam Eaton, Healing, and Camus’ Sisyphus
Two major injuries two years in a row for Adam Eaton seems incredibly cruel — like pushing a rock up a hill over and over, if you would.

Nats Notes: Arrieta, Soto, Seth Romero
Apparently, the Nats made Jake Arrieta a high value offer, Stephen Strasburg's delivery is giving some injury concern, Daniel Murphy can't turn around the bases, Juan Soto looks like Miguel Cabrera, and Seth Romero got some harsh words from Mike Rizzo last March.

Nationals like what they see from Austin Voth
Even though his first stint in the majors was extremely brief, it would be reasonable to expect to see Austin Voth in the bigs at some point later on this year due to his impressive bounce-back.

On Stephen Strasburg's velocity, outs on the bases and blocking the plate
It was apparently "just one of those days" at the beginning for Stephen Strasburg on Saturday night. Davey Martinez listened to his ace, and Strasburg didn't let him down.

After near misses, Bryce Harper finally homers in Arizona
Harper got the green light on a 3-0 pitch and let it rip.

Bryce Harper sees changes hitting at Chase
Since the addition of the humidor, Harper has noticed that hits that he thought were home runs — hits he thought should have been home runs — fell short. (Also, Max Scherzer is pitching on Wednesday now.)

Mark Reynolds gets his first Nationals start
Reynolds was a Rizzo draftee, a UVA grad, and a power-hitting first baseman right when the Nats needed one the most. He didn't let the team down during his first start.

Where will the top trade candidates end up?
If you can think of a reliever on the trade market, you had better believe that Jon Heyman put the Nats next to their name.