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Washington Nationals & Los Angeles Dodgers’ series opener postponed by inclement weather. Doubleheader tomorrow...

One day there will be baseball again. One day. But that day is not today. The Nationals and Dodgers’ series opener has been postponed by rain, and they’ll try to play two tomorrow...

MLB: New York Yankees at Washington Nationals Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Enough. with. the. rain. already. At this point, the Washington Nationals have played just five and a half innings of baseball since last Sunday night in Arizona, and tonight’s game just got postponed as well.

The Nationals and Los Angeles Dodgers will try again tomorrow with a doubleheader scheduled in D.C.

Washington Post columnist Thomas Boswell reported this week that the overworked arms in the Nats’ bullpen prayed for rain recently, so they could get a break after a month and a half of heavy usage to start the season.

They’ve gotten that break this week, and the Nationals and Los Angeles Dodgers are going to get another night off tonight with the announcement this afternoon that the first game has been postponed due to inclement weather in the nation’s capital.

Nats’ skipper Davey Martinez told reporters today that a few days off was nice, but now it’s getting frustrating:

This one was pretty easy to predict. The WaPost’s Capital Weather Gang projected an 80% change of postponement, noting that it was going to be, “[v]ery showery with steady rain likely,” before adding that, “[t]here’s thunderstorm and downpour potential on top of that,” when they wrote about the potential of the series opener being played this morning.

Will all this time off benefit the Nationals’ pitchers? What about the batters? Will there be a lot of rust to knock off when they finally get back to playing some games?

They’re going to try to play a doubleheader tomorrow at 2:05 (the rescheduled game) and 8:05 (instead of the previously scheduled 7:05 PM start time).

Since there will be no baseball tonight, maybe take a few minutes to check out the latest episode of Nats Nightly .. Weekly. And enjoy your night off...