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Wire Taps: Nationals historically unlucky?; Anthony Rendon close to rehab; When to worry?

Three wins in a row, what more could you ask for? How about four straight Nationals?

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MLB: Pittsburgh Pirates at Washington Nationals Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Three-game winning streaks are very fun. More fun, however, is the elusive four-game winning streak, which would be really fun.

Here’s all that’s going on by the Anacostia.

It’s May 1. Now is it time to start worrying about the Nats’ division title hopes?
Twelve teams have come back from this far to win their division since April of 2005, and the projection models still like the Nats' odds. Standings on May 1st are enough to have a fair guess of how things are going, but don't tell the whole story.

Sarris: Have the Nationals and Dodgers already dug themselves too big of a hole?
Not too many teams do well after being projected to have a phenomenal start before having a much less phenomenal start, as it turns out.

The Nationals have been historically unlucky to start 2018
Based on their predicted win percentage from a model versus their actual win percentage, this year's Nats are the 6th unluckiest April team since 1950. The numbers back it up!

Bryce Harper on injury-riddled Nats: ‘We’re 13-16 with the Syracuse Sky Chiefs’
"People will hot take the hell out of this quote and suggest that he is... disrespecting the dudes currently in the Nationals' clubhouse."

Eaton, Rendon, Goodwin injury updates
Adam Eaton continues to feel crummy when he tries to test his ankle, and is in a boot until it fully heals. Rendon will rehab soon (maybe today?), and Brian Goodwin could start swinging again soon.

New leadoff man Bryce Harper just wants to hit
Bryce Harper broke out of his slump somewhat last night, finally getting to hit a home run when he was pitched to.

Harper takes early BP to hit homers
Bryce Harper hadn't gotten to unload on a ball since early April, so he unleashed some energy during BP.

Nats troll Pittsburgh fans after controversial no-goal call. Repeatedly.
The Nats are really, really pumped about the Penguins finally seeing some bad luck from the refs.

Bryce Harper leading off for first time since 2013
Bryce Harper is struggling at the dish, so he and best friend Davey Martinez asked each other the same question: Why not?

Nationals score 12 runs in win vs. Pirates
Ma, look, I found the runs!