Michael Morse ("Beast Mode") joins MASN this weekend

Nats fans should welcome the return of Michael Morse to the Nats, even if it's "only" in the pre and post-game show on MASN. Morse had a couple big seasons with the Nats before he moved on to San Francisco and a couple other teams. He won a World Series with the Giants.

His career tailed off the past couple years, especially because of a serious injury he suffered during the infamous Hunter Strickland - Bryce Harper brawl, initiated by Strickland. Strickland drilled Bryce, apparently because of a moment of disrespect years before! During the ensuing brawl, fellow Giants pitcher Jeff Samardzija came charging in, and was about to land a cheap shot at Bryce's head.

Fortunately Michael Morse, who was a member of the Giants, also came running in. It appeared that he was protecting Bryce from getting crushed by the unseen attack from Samardzija. Morse collided with Samardzija. Both of them are very big guys but Morse took the brunt of the damage. He suffered a concussion and never recovered the rest of the season. That ended his playing career.

However, this weekend MASN is bringing him in to co-host Nats Xtra.

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