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Who you should root for in the Stanley Cup Final based on your favorite Washington Nationals...

When the Nationals are done for the day in Baltimore, the Capitals will be playing in Las Vegas...

Washington Nationals  v Los Angeles Dodgers Photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images

The Stanley Cup Final has arrived, which normally wouldn’t be news for Federal Baseball dot com, except for the fact that [heck] hath literally frozen over and a Washington sports team has made the championship round of one of the “big four” sports.

The Capitals have rather consistently been the team with which the Nationals have maintained the strongest bond; groups of Nationals have been attending Capitals games for years.

However, just because it’s a D.C. team in the final doesn’t necessarily mean you, a Nationals fan (that’s our best guess, given that you’re reading this article), have to root for them.

It’s also quite possible that you remain undecided and have yet to make a decision regarding what team you’re going to root for, so here are a few options based on your favorite National.

Davey Martinez: Capitals

MLB: Philadelphia Phillies at Washington Nationals Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

If you like the Nats’ new manager, then this shouldn’t be much of a question for you. Davey Martinez, despite living in Tampa Bay in the offseason, has fully embraced the Capitals.

“He reached out to me when I got the job,” Martinez said regarding Caps’ coach Barry Trotz to the Washington Times. “I have been a huge fan [of the Caps]. They are fun to watch.”

He’s consistently worn Caps hats and jerseys on the field before the game, during press conferences, and even showed up to a Caps playoff game to lead the crowd in a “Let’s Go Caps” chant before the game got going.

Bryce Harper: Vegas Golden Knights

Washington Capitals v Vegas Golden Knights Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

This one isn’t much of a question. Harper, a Vegas native, has been all-in on the Knights all year long, wearing their jerseys, sporting their gear on the diamond, and even cryptically predicting this year’s matchup:

He even gave the team a load of custom bats in case they ever wanted to play Quidditch on ice, or something.

“I get more nervous watching [the Knights] than anything I’ve ever done in my life,’’ Harper told multiple outlets, including the Washington Post and USA Today. “Even playing ball. I don’t get nervous watching my team or when I play at all. I really don’t.”

Harper—sporting a Vegas jersey and Washington hat—dropped the first puck at a Caps-Knights game last December, a game that Vegas won convincingly, 3-0. He’ll toe the line between supporting either side this week, but make no mistake where his heart lies:

“I’m definitely happy for the Caps. A lot of great players on that team as well. I love Holtby. He’s one of my favorite players. Ovi of course, Calrson, Oshie, what a great club they’ve got,” Harper told NHL Network. “But I was born and raised in Las Vegas and I support the Golden Knights. It’s going to be a lot of fun. It’s going to be a great series, It’s going to be hard fought.”

Max Scherzer + Adam Eaton: Caps

Scherzer, though less intense than either Martinez or Harper with his fandom, has still been rather outspoken regarding his support for the Caps, especially in the clubhouse. Adam Eaton, though not talking much in person, has been all over social media with his support for the Caps:

Don’t stop now boys!!!! #capitals #gocapsgo #rockthered

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Needless to say, Federal Baseball dot com will refrain from making any playoff commentary regarding the NHL — just because Japers’ Rink’s luck turned around doesn’t mean ours will.