Regarding Bryce

The request was to answer how concerned I am about Bryce and his low BA.

I think outfield is a strength for the Nats and is deep. Eaton will likely be back, Goodwin will be back. But Soto Adams and Taylor is a good outfield. Robles might be back.

My one concern might be favoritism. I think in post season we should play those who are hot, not cold, no matter who they are.

We had a year long slump from an expensive player, and a total inability to acknowledge it and deal with it, the excuse was he would come around. I hope we learned something.

Those who defend favoritism make remarks like, we cannot hope to win in post season without whomever, so we'll just hope they start hitting. Or they say whomever has been so much a part of this team for so many years we cannot leave them behind. Which is why we played some players last year who were not hot and did not get hot and we lost. And why our coach last year was fired.

Yes, I can see benching any player if they are not performing.

There has been no WS in DC since 1933. And there won't be another one if we play favorites instead of performers.

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