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Matt Adams robbed a home run because nothing makes sense anymore

Yes, the same Matt Adams you thought of initially and then dismissed.

C/o @Nationals on Instagram.

When one thinks about Matt Adams, they typically think about his power hitting, his large size, and his, uh, shall we say, problematic relationship with playing the outfield.

For instance:

In other words, Matt Adams in the outfield hasn’t been pretty. But with four home runs in the Nats’ latest six-game winning streak, Davey Martinez needs Adams’ bat in the lineup, which, potentially unfortunately, means that the Nats have to see him use his glove every night as well.

Of course, he can also go and make the most spectacular defensive play of the game, robbing a two-run jack from Maikel Franco.

Needless to say, he was simply saving all of his outfield prowess for the Nationals.

Also notable: Adams hit a ball on a trajectory for the Anacostia in the second inning of the team’s 7-3 victory over Philadelphia.

Davey Martinez was asked for his thoughts on Adams’ catch after the Nationals’ 7-3 win.

“We have this thing... I can’t tell you about it,” Martinez said, “but him and I’ve got this thing, so. He’s done well. I’m proud of him. He loves it. He never complains about anything. When he gets a chance to play he does his best, and he’s working so hard on his outfield, that he’s really getting better, he really is.”

So they have a thing? Is Martinez really just going to leave everyone hanging after that sort of tease?

“Him and I got this little thing going, I’ll tell you about it some day.”