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Wire Taps: How to fix Ryan Zimmerman; SkyChiefs ride streak; Anthony Rendon broke toe, could return today...

Washington’s Nationals made it sixth straight last night with a 7-3 win over the Philadelphia Phillies.

MLB: Philadelphia Phillies at Washington Nationals Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

So, the decision to shut down Stephen Strasburg didn’t look too bad yesterday.

Here’s the news from D.C.:

How can the Nationals fix Ryan Zimmerman? -
"He's streaky." "His exit velocity is great." "He has a lot of hard-hit outs." And yet. What has to change?

Nationals find untapped strengths, and a rallying cry leads to a rally
Whenever Bryce Harper enters into right field, he expects a rallying cry of "SkyChiefs" from the bullpen. But the Nats are only four games out, and are winning again, with Wilmer Difo (oddly) and Bryce Harper leading the charge.

Checking in on the Minor League pitching one month in
Austin Voth is looking good! John Simms is a serviceable long man! Jefry Rodriguez is moving along! Wil Crowe is doing well! Hagerstown is, uh, certainly a minor league team!

Anthony Rendon, as it turns out, broke his toe. He succeeded in rehab, and could join the Nationals this weekend
Rendon suffered a small hairline fracture after fouling a ball off his toe, which the Nationals told nobody about, because of course not.

Shawn Kelley to go on rehab assignment Sunday
After a promising start to the season, Kelley's elbow was hurt. He took a few days off, and should be back momentarily.