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Wire Taps: Ryan Zimmerman washed up?; Trea Turner quietly raking; Nationals’ Matt Adams continues dominance...

Catch up on the last 24 hours in Nationals news before the start of the series finale with the Padres...

MLB: Washington Nationals at San Diego Padres Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Today’s Wire Taps are sponsored by the campaign for future 2018 NL Cy Young winner Jeremy Hellickson’s first Hall-of-Fame ballot.

Granted, not every night has been like tonight, but what a pickup for this team.

Here’s the scoop from San Diego:

Here comes Trea Turner
Trea Turner since April 10: .322/.408/.456, with a reasonable BABIP, and a lower K-rate. He's very quietly having a phenomenal year.

Trea Turner on the Padres trading him: ‘I think it worked out for the best’
Turner made his debut in San Diego on Monday night — a few years later than he thought he would initially, but he's more than happy to be a Nat these days.

Ryan Zimmerman returns to the Nationals’ lineup after missing three games
Believe it or not, a day-to-day injury was actually day-to-day. Revolutionary!

Inside Baseball: Matt Adams is hitting the ball really, really hard
Matt Adams is the Nats' second-most valuable player this year in terms of WAR, and the best first baseman in baseball with eighty plate appearances. Go figure.

How Matt Wieters has become an elite throwing catcher again
The Nats have thrown out 48 percent of all attempted base-stealers this year, second best in the majors. Much of that can be attributed to Matt Wieters' emphasis this spring on defense.

Trea Turner, Stephen Strasburg shine vs Padres
Trea Turner was the shortstop of the future in San Diego, until San Diego went into win-now mode. Their loss was the gain of the Nats—who also employ San Diego native Stephen Strasburg.

Matt Grace makes first injury rehab appearance
Grace threw a scoreless inning in Syracuse on Tuesday night. He is rehabbing a groin injury.

Is Ryan Zimmerman Washed Up?
Ryan Zimmerman was—is—an important part of Nationals history. His place in the franchise is one of honor and greatness. And yet, by the numbers, it's becoming more and more clear that it may be time to say goodbye, unless he pulls some 2017-like miracle out of his hat. However, that miracle may not be far off — he's managed to sustain a rate of unluckiness nearly unmatched in the sport.

Matt Adams Goes from Viable to Valuable
Adams seemed like a downgrade from Adam Lind heading into the year. But when he was forced into an everyday role, it seems that, with the help of Kevin Long, he began to play the best baseball of his life. Now, the question: will it last, and if it does, where do the Nats put him?