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Washington Nationals’ lineup for second of four with Atlanta Braves in SunTrust Park...

Washington’s six-game winning streak and ten-game road win streak both ended last night, so the Nationals try to start new streaks tonight in Atlanta...

MLB: Washington Nationals at Atlanta Braves Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Davey Martinez’s squad was rolling when they arrived in Atlanta, but Washington’s Nationals dropped the series opener with the Braves and fell a 0.5-game back in the NL East. Going in the Nats were on a six-game winning streak with ten-straight wins on the road after four in a row in Arizona, three in Miami, and three in Baltimore.

“For the most part I think we’re actually playing as a unit,” Martinez told reporters before the first of four in SunTrust Park.

“Every guy is doing their part, and that’s huge. I think that’s how these streaks keep on going. Everybody’s got to do their part, you know, when you get a chance to play.

“I tell them all time, ‘If you can do one thing to help us win that day, then you’ve had a successful day,’ and for the most part these guys have done that.”

There is help on the way with Daniel Murphy, Brian Goodwin, Matt Grace, and Adam Eaton all rehabbing at Double-A, and Ryan Zimmerman working towards a return, but they have won all the games they have, including 19 wins in 26 games in May, with a mix of younger players and veterans who’ve filled in and produced given the opportunity, and a rotation that started the night in SunTrust Park on Thursday leading the NL in ERA (2.81), strikeouts (373), BAA (.210), opponents’ OBP (.274), H/9 (6.90), and WHIP (1.05).

“It’s been consistent,” Martinez explained, “consistency is the big thing here.

“So, they’re playing really well, they’re playing together, they’re having a lot of fun, and it’s just fun to go out there and watch them play, it really is.”

Last night’s game? Less fun. How will the Nationals bounce back from their first loss on the road trip? They have Goodwin back in the majors tonight, and he’s starting in center field in his return to the big league roster.