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Washington Nationals’ Juan Soto - Childish Bambino t-shirt from Breaking T

“He’s the truth.” - Justin Miller on Nationals’ phenom Juan Soto, who’s got a second t-shirt from Breaking T now...

Juan Soto hit two home runs in his Yankee Stadium debut Wednesay night, officially introducing himself to anyone in the baseball world who wasn’t already familiar with the Washington Nationals’ phenomal 19-year-old slugger.

“For him to go out there and do what he did today, in front of this crowd, just tells you a little bit about the character that he brings,” Nats’ skipper Davey Martinez told reporters after the Nationals’ 5-4 win in New York.

“He’s the truth,” Nationals’ reliever Justin Miller said, bestowing another nickname on the young outfielder who’s already being referred to as ”Childish Bambino” on the internets.


The Truth? La Verdad? Childish Bambino? This kid‘s a nickname factory.

“He’s a young kid just going out there and having fun and playing the game right, and you can see he’s gifted, so it’s nice,” Miller added.

“It’s unbelievable honestly,” Erick Fedde said, after making his second start of the season or Washington in New York.

“I’ve had my amount of time in the minors, and to see what he’s doing, to go through that and get to this level and shine is pretty remarkable. He’s a special kid, and I’m excited to play with him hopefully for the next couple of years.”

“His maturity at the plate is crazy,“ 37-year-old reliever Ryan Madson said. “Everybody talks about that, and also he’s kind of an old-school young guy where he’s quiet, you don’t really hear him.”

Soto seemed to enjoy his experience in the Bronx, noting that a large Latin contingent in the park made it a special experience, especially with his uncle in the stands watching as his home runs lifted the Nationals to the win.

“I always say I’m going to show them something,” Soto said. He explained that he took a moment during the first inning to soak it all in and acknowledge where he was, then told himself to concentrate and stay patient.

The home runs, he said, and the fact that he was able to contribute to another win, made it all the more enjoyable.

“That feels very good. Every time I go to the plate, it’s do a little thing to help my team, and that feels very good when that happens.”