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Home Run Derby for the speakership and Bryce Harper’s future: Elected officials weigh in at 2018 Congressional Baseball Game...

For what it’s worth, Bryce Harper probably isn’t going to Cleveland.

Members Of Congress Participate In Annual Congressional Baseball Game Photo by Alex Edelman/Getty Images

Congresspeople and senators gathered at Nationals Park on Thursday night to play the annual Congressional Baseball Game, a resounding 21-5 win for the Democrats.

However, before the game, a few dedicated some time to answering the questions that Federal Baseball has deemed most vital to the security and well-being of the United States.

Unsurprisingly, they didn’t agree on many subjects.

The participants:

Ken Buck (Reliever) — Republican, Colorado 4th.

Ken Buck Casts His Ballot In Early Voting For Mid-Term Election Photo by Chris Schneider/Getty Images

Senator Chris Murphy — Democrat, Connecticut

Rep. Chris Murphy, Activists, Call For Steps To End Gun Violence On Capitol Hill Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

Tim Ryan (3B) — Democrat, Ohio 13th.

President Trump Addresses The Nation In His First State Of The Union Address To Joint Session Of Congress Photo by Pete Marovich/Getty Images

One question bonus: Ryan Costello (SS) — Republican, Pennsylvania 6th.

Republican Senators Holds News Conference On Health Insurance Premiums Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

What was your previous baseball experience before the game?

Ken Buck: “I pitched into high school and then got injured, and then played football in college, so I didn’t go past high school with baseball.”

Chris Murphy: “[I] played youth league up until sixteen years old.”

Tim Ryan: “I played until my junior year in high school.”

Ryan Costello: “I played up until I was fifteen years old... I played very competitively.”

How do you feel about your local team?

Buck: “I’ve always been a proud Rockies, Broncos supporter, and I think given the size of the market that we’re in, the ownership and the leadership does a really good job of putting a competitive team on the field, and I hope this year that they are successful and make it to the playoffs.”

Murphy: “[I’m a] die-hard Red Sox fan. I’m willing to pander to a lot of political groups, but not Yankees fans. I’m nervous. They hit, they’ve scored more runs than any team in the league, but then they go dry for three or four games in a row... but Steven Wright, he could be our salvation for the middle of the season.”

Ryan: “We’re getting excited [about the Indians].”

Would you be in favor of a Home Run Derby to decide the next Speaker of the House? Who would win that Derby?

Buck: “Yes, it’s as good a way as any to pick a speaker... I think [Paul Ryan-endorsed candidate to succeed him] Kevin McCarthy is the next speaker of the house.”

Murphy: “I think Nancy [Pelosi] would crush [Paul Ryan]. Cedric Richmond [would win out of everyone].”

Ryan: “Yes. Nancy Pelosi [would win].”

Where will Bryce Harper sign this fall?

Buck: “I’d like to think that he has some loyalty to the team that has been good to him, and I think the Nationals have an interest in signing him, and the ability to sign him, so I would expect to see him in a Nationals uniform next season. “

Murphy: “He’s signing with the Yankees.”

Ryan: “Indians.”