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The best moments from Washington Nationals’ phenom Juan Soto (so far)

Washington Nationals’ rookie Juan Soto has done some pretty impressive things in a short time in the majors. Relive some of them?

Washington Nationals  v Miami Marlins Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

In the long term, the future is crystal clear for 19-year-old Nationals star outfield prospect Juan Soto. Whether it’s somewhere else or in Washington (which seems like the most likely location), he’s going to be a force to be reckoned with in the majors. In fact, he’s somewhat of one right now, even at age nineteen.

However, in the short term, things are less clear. Adam Eaton is rapidly approaching a return, and when Victor Robles returns to health, one would assume that he becomes the next call-up for the Nats, taking his old spot back from Soto, seeing as he’s already completed a year in Double-A.

So, with that in mind, it’s important for Nats fans to enjoy Soto as much as possible right now, because unless he supplants Michael A. Taylor as a starting outfielder (which is also possible), he’ll likely go back to the minors for a spell sooner or later.

And on this—the all-important 13-day anniversary of his call-up—there seemed no better way to enjoy his insane contributions to the team (.300s average, great defense, clutch hitting, did we mention he’s nineteen?) than by re-living his best moments thus far...

1. The call-up

Juan Soto’s call-up came as a near total surprise for more than a few reasons. Ahead of everything was the fact that Soto had started the season at Low-A ball and quickly ascended to Double-A, smashing homers and hitting for average wherever he went. But he was (is) nineteen. He had just started Double-A. Maybe he’d get a call-up in September, but until May 20th, he was just something for Nats fans to look forward to in a while. Then, suddenly, he was a real, tangible player wearing a Curly W.

2. First home run, announcement of reign over planet earth

Okay, so Soto was up, but he probably wasn’t going to stay — just until Brian Goodwin got back, right? There was no way he could possibly succeed at the major league level this quickly, right?

Oops. The Nats’ prospects in the Dominican Republic didn’t think Soto’s smash was half-bad, either.

3. Absurd catch #1

Soto is primarily a power bat and not a defensive player, the scouts said. He doesn’t really have a great glove, the analysts said. I don’t care, Juan Soto said.

4. Intentional walk and outfield assist

Soto has a stellar arm, which you can see above. However, the video nobody has is of his intentional walk, which makes sense, given that it would be of an intentional walk.

Nonetheless: Soto was the first teenager to be intentionally walked since Justin Upton in 2007, and before that, Ken Griffey Jr. in 1989.

5. Insane catch #2

Speaking of the glove...