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Wire Taps: Jayson Werth tribute night in September; Stephen Strasburg nears bullpen; Flipping the switch...

Catch up on the last 24 hours in Nationals news before the second of four with the Phillies tonight in CBP.

MLB: Washington Nationals at Philadelphia Phillies Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

The Nationals could have chosen many different strategies to attempt to win last night’s game. The “not scoring many runs” strategy, though bold, was probably not their best choice.

Here’s the beat from the Bank.

The Nationals Need to Flip the Switch… Now (The Nats Blog)
If the Nats were playing their "maybe we'll hit tonight" game last year, it would be confusing, but wouldn't be all that bad, seeing as the NL was extremely top-heavy. This year, it's different, and a few lost games in June and July look like they're going to hurt a lot down the road. On the bright side, if they turn it on, maybe we'll get to see a pennant race?

Nationals to honor Jayson Werth with tribute night in September (WaPo)
An exact date for the ceremony has yet to be determined, but gluten free beers will almost certainly be on the menu.

Nats drop opener of key series in Philly 4-3 (updated) - (MASN)
"It’s the final weekend of June, and there’s still half a season of baseball to be played."

The Work That Werth Did (The Nationals Review)
Jayson Werth had his ups and downs with the Nationals, but what credit does he deserve, other than for signing with the team that gave him the best offer? Not much, externally. But internally, the attitude change that he brought was immeasurable.

If the Nationals look to baseball history in D.C., Bryce Harper is worth the investment (WaPo)
By the numbers, re-signing Bryce Harper to some megabucks contract seems like a bad idea, especially given Juan Soto and Victor Robles. However, Harmon Killebrew and Frank Howard spent time in Washington during their prime, and were the faces of the franchise for decades. The Lerners should follow suit: to keep butts in seats, you need a big slugger.

Werth's legacy (Nationals Baseball — Sweetspot)
"Werth was underrated as a player and overrated as a culture changer... to make a seven year deal come close to value? That's crazy."

Stephen Strasburg nearing bullpen session (
Stephen Strasburg, despite looking like he would go down for a few months, could start rehabbing soon — and Ryan Zimmerman, despite looking as if he would only go down for a few days, may finally return in the next two weeks.

Miller on the mental side of baseball - (MASN)
"Miller did not allow a run in his first eight appearances from May 26 to June 13. In that run, he struck out 17 batters and allowed only two hits."