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All seven of the Washington Nationals’ home runs from last night, including two from Juan Soto...

When the Washington Nationals’ offense wakes up, it really wakes up...

MLB: Washington Nationals at Philadelphia Phillies Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports

Entering today, the Nationals were in a pretty bad offensive slump. How bad, you ask? Try two shutouts in three games and three runs in the other, good for an 0-3 record. They had one home run in their last four games. Another metric:

Eventually, though, the team had to break out; there are too many good bats in the lineup for the Nationals to remain scoreless for long.

On Friday night, it finally happened, to the tune of seven homers in nine innings. It started off with a Trea Turner two-run homer, which Juan Soto quickly followed with his own two-run shot. The next inning, Anthony Rendon got in on the action with a three-run blast.

Next, Bryce Harper teed off on his 20th of the year, a three-run opposite field shot to left.

Normally, one would assume that would end the onslaught, but one would be incorrect to assume such a thing — because in the top of the ninth, Brian Goodwin knocked a solo shot to put the Nats up 13-5. Unfortunately, no embeddable video of this homer exists, but you can watch it on here.

Then, Juan Soto knocked a moonshot to deep center field (419 feet), adding another three runs to the lead, and making him only the fourth teenager to have multiple multi-homer games in a season.

Finally, Mark Reynolds finished off the party with a monstrous 449 foot upper-deck solo shot of his own, which is viewable here.

Many around the ballclub had been expecting this for a while; Max Scherzer talked earlier this week about the how the team just needed one big hit to get things rolling:

“Hitting is contagious so once we get some hits they’ll start going,” Scherzer said. “It’s going to come.”

Seven homers seems like a good start.