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Washington Nationals’ Bryce Harper, Max Scherzer, Ryan Zimmerman, and Racing Presidents take over Stanley Cup Final Game 4

There were Washington Nationals all over the place at the Stanley Cup finals matchup in Washington, D.C.

The Washington Capitals will look to extend their Stanley Cup Final lead against the Vegas Golden Knights tonight in a pivotal game four that just so happened to line up with an off-day for the Nats.

In other words, that meant the Nationals could spend their day off from sports, uh, attending more sports.

Bryce Harper—Las Vegas Native—showed up to the game early, wearing his Vegas Golden Knights jersey, rooting for a tie series.

Not to be outdone, Nationals’ ace Max Scherzer and first baseman Ryan Zimmerman then arrived in full hockey uniforms, complete with sticks and gloves, as well as helmets, to lead the pre-game “Let’s Go Caps” chant.

Also notable: The Nationals’ Racing Presidents could make an appearance during the game, if the ever-venerable Russian Machine Never Breaks got the story right.

Of course, the Caps are risking some major playoff-demons by letting any Nationals—on either side—into the building. At press time, the game is 1-0 in favor of the Capitals — though if the Nats, the Caps, and the Golden Knights have taught us anything, it’s that early leads in big games are NEVER safe.