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Nationals’ closer Sean Doolittle shares history of his relationship with Smash Mouth...

If you somehow haven’t heard this story before, Sean Doolittle was kind enough to share it again during his media availability Monday afternoon before the All-Star Game...

89th MLB All-Star Game, presented by MasterCard - Red Carpet Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

If you’ve heard/read all this before, feel free to move on, it’s just a funny story about a young couple and a pop band from the late 1990s-early 2000s, that’s still around today, and has been tangentially connected with sport because of one hit song, and their Twitter feuds and friendships over the years.

During Monday’s pre-All Star Game media availability in Washington, D.C., a reporter asked Nationals’ closer Sean Doolittle about the history of his relationship with the band Smash Mouth, who recently congratulated the reliever for his second All-Star selection and at the urging of Sean’s wife Eireann, said that thing they’re famous for saying:

So how did all this Doolittles and Smash Mouth stuff start (and also why isn’t Smashmouth just one word? And why do I type “Smashmount” every time I try to type ‘Smashmount’ — damn it I just did it again!)

Anyway, here’s the story from Sean Doolittle himself:

“So like they’re from the Bay area, and like one time they were kind of going back and forth with the A’s, and they were kind of getting in a heated — it was a very online thing, and I was trying to calm the situation down by tweeting sentences using like titles of their songs. It didn’t really work. Like they were at each other’s throats, and then fast-forward a few months later — this is so weird...

[ed. note - “Before he continues with the weird part, here’s just a small sampling of the A’s and Smash Mount— damn it, Smash Mouth’s battle... which might seem sort of one-sided since the A’s deleted their tweets and I don’t feel like screencapping someone else’s screencaps right now...”]

So, back to Sean Doolittle’s telling of the story, which we pick up with the Nationals’ closer getting to Smash Mount— for f****’s sake, Smash Mouth’s involvement in their engagement, also it says “for Frank’s sake” right above here count the *s, cause you know, family friendly:

“My wife and I had got engaged, we got engaged a day before, but we didn’t announce it to anybody, we wanted to give it a day or two and tell our family and friends. My wife was tweeting with a friend of ours, and somehow Smash Mouth jumped in — they ended up in the conversation. Smash Mouth jokingly said, ‘Sean, you really need to a buy a ring,’ like, ‘when are you going to step up and propose to Eireann,’ and I was like, ‘Eireann, oh my gosh, like now if we announce our engagement it’s going to look like Smash Mouth was like the reason I finally decided to step up and ask you to marry me,’ so that’s exactly what happened, a few hours later we did tweet out like an announcement with something that we had gotten engaged, and a bunch of people caught on and they were like, “Smash Mouth” finally convinced Sean to propose to Eireann, and they jokingly offered to play — I don’t know if it was joking or not, maybe we should have taken them up on it, they offered to play our reception, so there’s been some — so like when this happened again, maybe every major event that happens in our life we need to find a way to celebrate it with Smash Mouth.

“I don’t know, it’s one of those kind of beautiful things that can only happen on social media.”