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Washington Nationals’ Ryan Zimmerman, Matt Adams, Matt Wieters take part in sim game in D.C.

Three injured Nationals took part in a sim game this afternoon as they work their way back to the big leagues. Matt Adams looks like he could be the first one back...

Pittsburgh Pirates v Washington Nationals Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images

Early this afternoon, two Washington Nationals’ minor leaguers came to D.C. and threw a sim game to Ryan Zimmerman, Matt Adams, and Matt Wieters, all of whom are in various stages of recovery from injuries which landed them on the Disabled List.

Nationals’ skipper Davey Martinez and two of the participants said things went well.

“Really well,” Martinez qualified.

“Matt [Adams] is going to play tomorrow in Harrisburg, get a game in and then see how he feels after that, hopefully, maybe, have him back as early as Wednesday, we’ll see.

“Zim did well. He’s going through his running progression and everything, but he’s close to going out as well, and then surprisingly Wieters felt really good too, so hopefully we’ll be getting him back here soon, and maybe a rehab assignment pretty soon. We’ll see.”

Zimmerman, who’s been out of the lineup since May 9th with an oblique injury, said he felt good after getting in some swings, and hitting at least one pitch out over the bullpen in left field.

“Took some swings off of two kids that were gracious enough to come here and throw in 110 degree heat,” Zimmerman said, “... so it was nice of them to come and get me and the Matts some swings.”

“Felt good to get out there and get in the box and see some live pitching,” Weiters added.

“The swing felt good, but until you take the next step and actually hit off live pitching you don’t know how it’s going to feel and it felt good today.”

Wieters suffered a hamstring injury that required surgery back on May 10th, but he said he’s making progress towards a return and hoping to return before the All-Star Break.

“I think it’s still a good goal,” Wieters said. “We’re still shooting for that, we still have a few more — I’d like to get a little bit more progressed in the running and then it will become a really realistic goal.”

Asked where he was in his running progression, Wieters said the next step is to simulate game conditions on the basepaths.

“We’ve run bases a few times,” he explained, “... and it’s a matter of being able to kind of duplicate what a game situation would be.

“The quick starts and the quick stops, and those are the things that we’ve got to — where just kind of teaching the hamstring that they go a little bit quicker.”

Zimmerman said he didn’t know what his next step is yet.

“Now it’s just about getting reps and getting ready to play in game,” he told reporters.

Martinez said he just wants to make sure that all three are at 100% when they return.

“We get all these guys back we need them to be at full go, we’ve got to get going, and I want these guys to come back fully healthy and ready to go.”

Adams, who fractured a finger trying to get a bunt down in Toronto, is going to be the first to head out on a rehab assignment, and as Martinez said, he could be back later this week.