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Washington Nationals’ lineup for series finale with the Miami Marlins...

Washington is up to 14 straight wins over the Miami Marlins heading into today’s series finale in Nationals Park.

Philadelphia Phillies v Washington Nationals Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Considering that 44 different players have suited up for the Washington Nationals already this season, it’s safe to say they’ve received contributions from some unexpected places.

Mark Reynolds, for example, was sitting at home all winter waiting for a major league offer before he agreed to a minor league deal with the Nats.

Reynolds’ 5 for 5, 10 RBI game last night was an amazing example of how everyone in the organization has played a part in keeping the Nationals afloat while they’ve waited to get everyone healthy and back on the field as they’ve dealt with a number of injuries.

“For the most part it’s been that way all year, it really has,” manager Davey Martinez said after last night’s 18-4 win over the Miami Marlins.

“We’ve had guys up and here and helped us win a lot of ballgames. To this point we’re here because of those guys, and I appreciate them very much. But we’ve just got to keep it going.

“We started getting everybody healthy and everybody back.

“Guys were sick over the past ten days and they’re starting to feel better and all that matters, and once we get those guys all healthy and get going, good things will happen.”

With the return of some of the players (like Daniel Murphy and Adam Eaton) who were not available early this season, and some others (Matt Wieters and Ryan Zimmerman on the way) there are decisions to make, of course, like how to keep a guy like Reynolds in the lineup for a second straight game after his big game.

“I thought I was going to sleep nice,” Martinez joked, “but I have to think about where am I going to put him tomorrow, and I’ve seen him like this, when he gets hot like this he can stay hot for a while, so we’ll have to figure something out to see if we can get him in there tomorrow.”

“I’m going to sleep just fine,” Reynolds told reporters when informed of his manager’s comments.

“That’s his problem. I’ll be ready to go either way, ready to come in late or play from inning one.”

Martinez found a way to give Reynolds another game...