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Watch a dozen? Ten? *Some* of the Nationals’ runs from their 25-4 win

There isn’t video for all of it. It’s probably okay.

New York Mets v Washington Nationals Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

The Nationals had a stressful day on Tuesday. It included trading a fan-favorite veteran because was characterized as a “squeaky wheel” by one reporter in the clubhouse, rumors including Bryce Harper, and an apologetic presser from Trea Turner regarding old tweets.

The Nationals managed to find a different story for everyone to write about.

They did that by playing baseball really, really well, something they haven’t done consistently all year.

Think 25-runs well, with seven innings of one-run pitching from Tanner Roark.

It started off innocently enough, with a seven-run first inning. That’s not innocent, never mind.

It included an RBI single from Ryan Zimmerman that made him the all-time hit leader in Nationals/Expos history.

Then, chaos erupted: the Nats scored three runs in both the second and third. Both innings included a Daniel Murphy homer:

In the bottom of the eighth, when the score had reached 19-1, the Mets sent in Jose Reyes to pitch. That went about as one would expect it to go, as the Nats tacked on another 6 runs and Ryan Zimmerman nearly STORMED THE MOUND. (He didn’t.)