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Wire Taps: Shawn Kelley DFAd; Mark Lerner writes letter of support; Can Davey Martinez lead the Nationals’ clubhouse?

Catch up on the last 24 hours in Nationals news before the start of the series with the Reds.

New York Mets v Washington Nationals Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images

The Nationals, miraculously, are only 5 games out of first place.

Mike Rizzo delivers a message for Nationals: ‘If you’re not in, you’re in the way’ (WaPo)
“It’s pretty cut-and-dried. You guys all saw it. The act that he portrayed on the field last night was disrespectful to the name on the front of the jersey, the organization, specifically Davey Martinez,” Rizzo said.

Mike Rizzo had to shore up the Nationals’ clubhouse because Dave Martinez couldn’t (WaPo)
Dave Martinez should be leading the Nationals' clubhouse. But players who have expressed discontent--such as Shawn Kelley and Brandon Kintzler--don't get any help or reconciliation from the inconsistent Martinez. Instead, they get shipped out, which might say something more about Martinez than it does about the players.

‘Is it my turn to read?’ Mets’ TV broadcast got weird during 25-4 loss to Nats (WaPo)
The Mets literally read from their media guide two nights ago while the Nats blew them out.

Nationals owner Mark Lerner pens letter to fans: ‘We just couldn’t give up on this team’ (WaPo)
Lerner revealed what we already knew to the public: the Nats considered trading away Bryce Harper and other major talent. Ultimately, they stuck with the team they had.

Shawn Kelley designated after outburst (
Mike Rizzo used harsh language to describe Kelley's anger on the mound. "You're either in or you're in the way," Rizzo said. "And I thought he was in the way." Kelley had a different view -- that he had been a model teammate who had gotten the worst possible punishment for one outburst.

What the heck is going on with the Washington Nationals? (For the Win)
The Nats have had dugout arguments, open calls for trades, anonymous sources calling the team a mess, Bryce Harper on the trade block, one outspoken reliever traded and another cut. Yeah, nothing makes sense.

Nationals' draft pick handed 76-game suspension for drug-use (Yahoo!)
Pryor was a 19th-rounder for the Nationals in 2017. He was hitting .317 in Auburn.

MLB: Interesting few months await the Washington Nationals - (Yahoo!Sports)
"For a man who insists there is no dysfunction in his shop, Washington Nationals general manager Mike Rizzo is operating a lot like a man who just discovered dysfunction in his shop."