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Washington Nationals’ lineup for the series finale with the New York Mets in Citi Field...

Davey Martinez’s Nationals try to avoid a fourth straight shutout loss in this afternoon’s series finale with the Mets.

Washington Nationals v New York Mets Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

What does Davey Martinez make of the Washington Nationals’ streak of 27-straight scoreless innings, which goes back to Ryan Zimmerman’s walk-off blast on this past Wednesday night in the nation’s capital? And what’s his takeaway from the third straight shutout loss Saturday in Citi Field?

“That we’re not hitting,” Martinez told reporters after the 3-0 loss to the New York Mets last night. “We had opportunities early and we can’t score a point. So it’s frustrating right now.

“Our offense is a lot of zeroes. We’ve got to come back tomorrow and we’ve got to start swinging the bats. That’s all I can say.”

And how does he explain a lineup as talented as the Nationals’ not only getting shut out in three straight games, but in 14 total on the season at this point?

“It’s really hard to explain, because they’re very talented,” the first-year skipper said.

“What I see is missing pitches that they should hit a lot. Just not continuing the inning.

“Getting a leadoff runner on and kind of stranding him. Things of that nature. But we’ve got to keep battling. We’ve got a good group of guys that I know can hit. These three days, I’m sitting there scratching my head thinking, ‘Okay, we get bases loaded, here we go.’ And we just can’t get a point across. So we’ve got to stay positive and keep going. Tomorrow we get [Jefry] Rodriguez in there to pitch, he’s been pitching well, let’s see what happens.”

A well-executed hit and run yesterday was one way that Martinez acknowledged he tried to spark the offense.

“I’m trying to get things going and moving things around and see what happens, and it’s like someone shut the door to get to home so we’ve got to get home. We’ve got to get home,” he said.

You do need runs (or points) to win games. That much is true. Will the Nationals avoid a fourth straight shutout loss (and a sweep) in this afternoon’s finale with the Mets?