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Comprehensive review of the Washington Nationals’ Players’ Weekend gear

Bryce Harper owns the cleat game.

Washington Nationals v New York Mets Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

Players’ weekend has come and gone, and with it, the bright colors will slowly fade back into the private wardrobes of the Nats — luckily, we can still reminisce on what once was.

Best cleats: Bryce Harper

Are they the most artistically sound? No. Are they the most exciting? Well, in terms of the sheer amount of colors, absolutely. But most importantly, Bryce Harper had the participants from Harper’s Heroes—his partnership with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society that connects him with children fighting blood cancers—color his cleats (and his bat, but we can’t give one player on one day everything).

Honorable mention: Juan Soto

Players from outside of the U.S. rarely get to showcase their flag as often as American players do, so Juan Soto absolutely deserves the chance to show some Dominican pride.

Best nickname: Adam “Spanky” Eaton

Adam Eaton’s nickname is cute (see the caption for more details), but it’s also fun — and exactly what you want your leadoff (number two? five? Davey Martinez hasn’t really established a consistent lineup) hitter to be named.

Best shoutout: Sean Doolittle

Most other players included shoutouts to their parents or their siblings, but Sean Doolittle, who frequents the internet occasionally, decided to turn one of his favorite Twitter jokes into something that he wore proudly on his sleeve (literally).

Most intimidating nickname: Koda “Bear” Glover


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It’s either the nickname, or the fact that one would not like to make Koda Glover angry. Maybe it’s both.

Coolest/scariest cleats: Koda Glover

To be fair, it feels unlikely that Glover designed these with the intent of showing them to batters. But if he ever did throw a cleat in a fight, these would be the pair to have on.