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Washington Nationals and Philadelphia Phillies’ opener postponed over unplayable field conditions...

So yeah, this happened. Poor field conditions in Citizens Bank Park, caused by an unexpected amount of rain this weekend rendered the field unplayable and today’s game was scrapped as a result...

MLB: Washington Nationals at Philadelphia Phillies Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

If you haven’t been following the drama from the field in Citizens Bank Park, you’ve been missing out. With more rain than expected over the weekend in the Philadelphia area, the decision was made to leave the tarp off on Friday and keep it off until Saturday — when there was an event at the park — which ended up being a bad decision.

With the start of play approaching today, the infield was clearly unplayable. Rakes, heaters, blow torches and more were employed in an attempt to get the field ready for the first game of the series tonight.

“Basically, we’re drying out the top layer of moisture to sort of turn the field over and roll the field,” Howard Smith, the Phillies’ VP of Business Affairs said, as quoted by’s Matt Breen. “It’s actually working.”

But as the scheduled start time approached, it was clear it wasn’t working well enough.

Shortly after the game was supposed to start, the announcement was made that the game has, in fact, been postponed with a traditional doubleheader scheduled for tomorrow, starting at 3:05 PM EDT in CBP.

If you want to catch up on the goings-on from before today’s game was scrapped, here are the Twitter highlights from the City of Brotherly Love:

Yes, as you can see above, Bryce Harper lent a hand. And even that wasn’t enough. And he’s Bryce Harper! Is this the park you want to play in next season, Harper? Did Jayson Werth tell you about this when you asked about playing in Philly? Did he? Did he? Sorry. We digress. It will not happen tonight, but don’t worry, the forecast for tomorrow looks... Ah damn it!! 50% chance of rain at 3:00? C’mon already. Were the cheesesteaks kept dry? Were they? Were they????

So yeah, this is all going great. We’re sure it will all be better tomorrow, when Erick Fedde will pitch the first of two with Tanner Roark starting the nightcap. So yeah, to recap all of the news: This is a thing that happened. Doubleheader tomorrow. Cheesesteaks were kept dry.