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Wire Taps: Bryce Harper’s legacy; Victor Robles’s breakout; Nationals’ Year-end minor league awards

Catch up on the last 24 hours in Nationals news and enjoy the last off day of the season...

MLB: Miami Marlins at Washington Nationals Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

That felt... about right?

Here’s what’s current in Colorado:

No telling how Bryce Harper saga will end, but Nationals have options (WaPo)
Victor Robles made his presence very, very apparent yesterday — and while Harper talked about wanting to stay to some extent, he put the ball in the ownership's court (which hasn't said much). The Nats could ignore it and let him go elsewhere, or they could risk it and engage with him — locking him into an iffy contract, or getting him more money on the market, forcing a trade of Adam Eaton.

Bryce Harper’s 10 greatest moments at Nationals Park (WaPo)
For what it's worth, Harper was an extremely good player more often than he was a mediocre player in a Nats uniform.

Prospect Spotlight: Jacob Condra-Bogan (NatsGM)
"Condra-Bogan is an intriguing relief prospect due to his double-plus velocity, impressive control of the strike zone and occasionally impressive slider. His lack of a plus off-speed pitch and mediocre command limits his overall ceiling."

Nationals’ Minor League awards headlined by infielder Carter Kieboom (WaPo)
Wil Crowe and Ben Braymer were the pitchers of the year, while Jake Noll picked up the Bob Boone award for leadership and passion — while Kieboom was the player of the year.

Bryce and Maybe the End (The Nationals Review)
"Who knows, maybe he’ll stay, and I think that could be great for the team, and we’ll love it because he’s our guy. Or, maybe he’ll go, and that could even be the best decision for the Nats. But if he doesn’t stay, well, this team was never really good before Bryce, we’ll have to see if they can be good after him."

Victor Robles posts four hits to beat Marlins (
It was supposed to be Bryce Harper's day, but Victor Robles gave Nats fans a pretty good reason to remember that, in fact, the team may be just fine without Harp.

Kyle McGowin, Ryan Zimmerman exit starts (
The remaining three games of the season are in question for Zimmerman. Does it matter? Probably not.

Bryce Harper talks potential home finale in DC (
Harper got to the park three and a half hours early, changed into his home white uniform, and reflected — there was nothing else left to do in a year and a career that has built up to this point and now has finally reached its precipice.

Bryce Harper's Possible Final Home Game With Nationals Overshadowed By Breakout Game From Victor Robles (Deadspin)
"It was just one game, but it was certainly very well-timed, and as a thread of hope for Nationals fans to hang onto, it’ll just about do the job."

Let's think about the future (Nationals Baseball)
Scherzer and Strasburg could falter. Or Robles and Soto could lead the way with mediocre pitching. Or the Nats could win a World Series and consistently beat out a pretty mediocre NL East. Who knows!