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Wire Taps: Davey Martinez likely to return; Sean Doolittle talks bat flips; Juan Soto and Victor Robles together at last

Catch up on the last 24 hours in Nationals news before the start of the series with the Cubs.

St Louis Cardinals v Washington Nationals Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

The Nationals had another predictable loss last night, which was all good and fine, but the more exciting news comes from the fact that there are a ton of really, really good links today. Not a joke! The links are very good on this September Thursday, and we don’t know why, but we’re happy!

Here’s the scoop from South Capitol:

When baseball fans give up (WaPo)
"The Mets’ season is long over, but Nationals fans would be forgiven for having only more recently come to the determination that prospects for a second championship trophy in the city this year had faded. The Nationals aren’t going to the playoffs. But when did Nats fans realize that?" Yet another cool, data-driven deep dive!

Foam Eyes, Big Heads, Can’t Lose ... Except for Teddy: An Oral History Of The Racing Presidents (DCist)
It's everything — literally everything — you ever wanted to know about the President's Race. It's a deep dive and phenomenal and also absolutely worth your time. It even has quotes from the "Racing Presidents' doctor."

How the Nationals fell apart after years of success (SI)
If anything, this piece is the epitome of the end of the gospel of Mike Rizzo that has come with this season, with a touch of what-if-ism regarding Stephen Strasburg and questioning regarding Davey Martinez.

"Kintzler pulled Rizzo into a nearby office and denied it, going so far as to say “I swear on my kids” that he’d never spoken to the Yahoo writer. “Well,” Kintzler recalled Rizzo replying, “I think you did.”

Doolitle and Dolan on redefining “Respect the Game”: A Treatise on Labor and Bat Flips (Expanded Roster)
Sean Doolittle and Eireann Dolan have many, many fun thoughts on "respecting the game," and more serious ones about the economics of the minors. This is a long interview with the dynamic duo and is absolutely worth your time.

Sean Doolittle: Nationals pitcher has charity bat-flip idea (
Sean Doolittle thinks celebrating is good. And on the rare occasion they hit a homer off him, he wants hitters to have fun with it. Some people took the joke too far, though, thinking Doolittle was calling for players to actually homer off him.

Rizzo reflects on season, says Dave Martinez will return as manager in 2019 (SI)
“We thought all along we had a chance to catch those teams,” Rizzo said, “and if we played the way we’re supposed to be playing that we’d have an opportunity to make this a race and it’s frustrating that we haven’t put anything together to really push them to the limits that we thought we should.”

Dave Martinez to return as Nationals manager (
"I haven't considered any other scenario," Rizzo said, referring to Davey Martinez returning.

A’s Shawn Kelley injured himself in dishwashing mishap (SFChronicle)
He sliced his pitching thumb on a knife, and thus has been out of action for the Athletics.

Victor Robles, Juan Soto are finally together in the major leagues - The Washington Post
"Soto was rummaging in his locker as Robles answered questions for a horde of reporters, sliding into the background for the first time this season. The scenario oozed of symbolism, as a reminder of the fact that Robles, not Soto, was rated as the top prospect in the organization for years."

Thoughts on Nationals prospect Victor Robles (Minor League Ball)
"I don’t think we can expect Robles to put up an historic season as Soto has done, but Victor is still an elite prospect who should have a long and productive career."