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Washington Nationals and Chicago Cubs postponed; doubleheader tomorrow starts at 3:05 PM...

Tonight’s game was FINALLY postponed, and the Nationals and the Cubs will play a doubleheader tomorrow starting at 3:05 PM EDT in the nation’s capital...

MLB: Chicago Cubs at Washington Nationals Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

They (and by “they” we mean MLB, who had decision-making power for tonight’s game) waited an hour and twenty minutes to start tonight’s game, then, after around twenty minutes of baseball — Hey, we got to see Joe Ross throwing some heat — the rain started again and three hours later, at approximately 11:45 PM EDT they postponed the second game of four between the Washington Nationals and Chicago Cubs.

They’re going to play a doubleheader tomorrow starting at 3:05 PM EDT in D.C., with the second game starting approximately 45 minutes after the completion of the first, and as noted in the press release on the schedule, “You must have a ticket for the 7:05 game on 9/8 to enter the ballpark tomorrow.”

According to the Nationals, Max Scherzer, who was set to start the 7:05 PM game tomorrow night, will start the 3:05 PM game instead with the starter for the nightcap TBA as of now.

Luckily for both teams (and fans of endless pitching changes at this time of year), there are plenty of pitchers around to choose from with expanded rosters.

The planned tribute to Jayson Werth which was supposed to take place before the start of the game tomorrow night will be held between the games instead.

What else? What else? That’s all we’ve got actually, mainly because we’ve been waiting for hours for the decision on this game to be made (and may have fallen asleep watching TV as we waited for it to inevitably be postponed).

Oh, look the Cubs made a decision on their starters at least, so there’s that, though it means we won’t get that Scherzer vs Hamels matchup you were looking forward to. Jaime Garcia is going to start the first game against Scherzer.

That’s all for now, more information when it’s available, and a quick Seth Romero story and some links in the morning...