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Wire Taps: Kris Bryant, Jayson Werth on Bryce Harper, free agency + more Nationals links...

Catch up on the last 24 hours in Nationals news while you wait for someone else to have an opinion on where Bryce Harper will or won’t sign...

Divisional Round - Washington Nationals v Chicago Cubs - Game Three Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

Jayson Werth and Kris Bryant offered their takes on Bryce Harper’s free agency adventure in the last 24 hours-ish, but we didn’t really learn anything new from either of them. I guess we just have to wait for this thing to get to the “mystery team” stage before things start getting serious. That’s usually a good sign things are getting close to wrapping up, so someone out there please find a source who says the “mystery team” is now “in the mix” and potentially a frontrunner for Harper so we can all stop wondering. Please? Until then, go read your links...


Bryce Harper's longtime friend Kris Bryant says Harper isn't headed for Cubs - (NBC Sports Washington)
"After weeks of twists and turns and not enough information for any Nationals fan's satisfaction, the Chicago Cubs seem to be out of the race for free agent Bryce Harper."

Jayson Werth weighs in on ‘the little furry creature’ Bryce Harper’s free agency - (WaPost)
"'When it comes down to the money, who cares what he makes? The owners are paying him. Those guys make more money than anybody. Who cares what the salaries are, right?'" - Jayson Werth on Bryce Harper's free agency

What's it like for MLB players when their big contract money hits? Some advice for Bryce Harper - (NBC Sports Washington)
"In the case of Bryce Harper, the world is about to change for generations of Harpers once he finally signs a new contract."

Pros, cons of Nationals signing Bryce Harper - (
"This may seem obvious, but I'm in favor of the Nats signing Harper. This team has a chance to compete for a division title next year with or without Harper, but if they add him to this roster, it turns Washington into a World Series contender."

Better, worse or the same in 2019: Pitchers - (MASN)
"Yesterday we looked at each of the Nationals’ position players and asked if they are likely to be better, worse or the same in 2019. Today we’ll do the same exercise with the club’s pitching staff."

News on a couple of former Nationals pitchers - (MASN)
"Joel Hanrahan and Micah Bowie were teammates on the 2007 Nationals pitching staff, after which their respective careers took very different paths."


Max Scherzer comes home to Missouri to have number retired - (The Kansas City Star)
"No Missouri player will ever wear it again. The Tigers retired Scherzer’s 31 at their First Pitch Banquet on Friday evening, giving the pitcher an honor he never envisioned growing up."

Live free agency updates: Gabe Kapler says he 'really bonded' with Bryce Harper during Vegas meeting | PhillyVoice
"According to Kapler, he and Harper 'really bonded' over, among other things, food and, of course, working out."