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Wire Taps: Max Scherzer has big weekend; Bryce Harper tweets things; NL East updates + more...

Catch up on the weekend that was in Washington Nationals news so your friends don’t think you’re a Daydream Johnny...

Gatorade All-Star Workout Day Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

It’s another one of those cold winter Mondays that is pretty much devoid of actual Nationals news and pretty light on links, but we gathered together what we could so there would be a little something for you to read this morning. Max Scherzer made some announcements the last few days. Bryce Harper and Sean Doolittle tweeted some stuff. MASN’s Mark Zuckerman watched football last night and decided he had to plea with MLB not to ruin extra innings.

It was a slow weekend, yes. Get caught up now though, so you don’t seem like a Daydream Johnny:


Max Scherzer has a big announcement as Missouri retires his number - (WaPost)
"The University of Missouri had a big announcement Friday, retiring the college number of Max Scherzer, but the Washington Nationals ace and his wife had an announcement of their own."

THE 2019 Washington Nationals Sleeper Prospects - (NatsGM)
"Each year after I produce THE NatsGM Washington Nationals Top Prospect List, I like to review my notes and see which prospects did not make the cut."

A request for MLB to keep extra-innings rules as-is - (MASN)
"How should a sporting event that’s tied at the end of regulation be decided? Just make the two teams keep playing until someone scores?"


Bryce Harper makes Tony Romo joke after Patriots win (
After Tony Romo called like, every play before it happened last night, Bryce Harper joked about asking Romo about his future.

Freddie Freeman says he never recruited Bryce Harper (AJC)
Apparently, Freddie Freeman never thought it was possible that Harper would end up on the Braves, even though the two are great friends.


So, Mike Moustakas, anyone? - (The Good Phight)
"The Phillies’ contingency plan in a post-Machado world has a name, and it is four syllables long. Mike Moustakas is a thirty-year-old third baseman one year removed from an all-star season in which he generated the ninth most WAR on his own team."

Asdrubal Cabrera says he would love return to the Mets - (New York Post)
"Brodie Van Wagenen has made a number of big moves in his first offseason as Mets general manager, but one move he didn’t make was to bring back popular infielder Asdrubal Cabrera."

MLB Network: Buster Posey—not J.T. Realmuto—is top catcher for 2019 - (Fish Stripes)
"[Buster] Posey is also four years older than [J.T.] Realmuto and coming off hip surgery. With all due respect to the Giants legend, he’s seemingly entering the decline phase of his career."

Atlanta Braves Make Subtle But Strong Changes To Their Uniforms - (Forbes)
"While the home-and-away set of uniforms for the Braves are about as good as you can get in baseball, their alternate uniforms have often been hit-or-miss."