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Wire Taps: What if Bryce Harper stays?; Nationals wanted Ian Kinsler, talking to Brian Dozier; Ignoring Harper’s MVP year

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Washington Nationals v Colorado Rockies Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

At some point, Bryce Harper can sign with his own brand-new Vegas-based team, right? Or better yet, can we sign him to Federal Baseball to write?

Here’s the scoop from South Capitol:

Rosenthal: Nats wanted Kinsler, now interested in Dozier (The Athletic)
The Nationals apparently want a one-year stopgap before Carter Kieboom, and offered a 1-year, $5 million contract to Ian Kinsler but are now looking at Brian Dozier.

Bryce Harper pursuit murky as ever with Nationals back in picture (New York Post)
The Dodgers looked like they were interested, and then they said and did nothing. Sure, the Phillies are meeting with him, but who isn't? The White Sox are waiting out Manny Machado, and the Nationals are... back in the picture? For a five-hour meeting? (With Ted Lerner, who supposedly stepped down this summer?) Nothing makes sense anymore.

What if Bryce Harper stays with Nationals? (
We've been talking about Hollywood Harper for years, Wrigley Bryce for what seems like decades, and Bronx Bryce for millennia. But imagine this: Harper re-signs with the Nationals, giving the Nationals an insane outfield — and Scott Boras would probably get a Nats jersey too. Moreover, the Dodgers would lose a superstar, and the Phillies and Cubs, who look likely to lose out on Machado, would need to fix some things themselves.

The Nationals seem back in the mix to land Bryce Harper. What does that mean for him, the team? (NBCSW)
If the Nationals are actually in negotiations (instead of pulling off a really good bluff), it means that Harper is actually considering the team — but who really knows what comes next?

Chicago, Philly or DC? Why Bryce Harper should go to each city (NBC Sports Washington)
"The Nationals win. His sponsor is an hour up the road. He grew from single and flamboyant to married and steady in the District. Members of ownership attended his wedding. The patriotic gear he donned during the Home Run Derby was not for a one-time show. It fits how he thinks, who he is. Harper has a cozy baseline in the nation’s capital. He also has a chance for expansion."

Ignoring Bryce Harper’s MVP Season (Fangraphs)
What if Harper is just a good player—not great—and his 2015 MVP season was an aberration from what should be the norm? When you factor that in, he's just plain average in terms of pretty good outfielders his age — the next Raul Mondesi or Dave Winfield, per se. Would he even be worth $200 million? The only issue: he's really hard to compare and has the capacity to play at the aforementioned MVP level.

Washington Nationals should not re-enter the Bryce Harper sweepstakes (District on Deck)
"In addition to not fitting into the current plans, Harper does not fit into the Nats’ future plans. The team already has $544 million committed to four starting pitchers, making cost-controlled position players essential. With guys like Anthony Rendon, Sean Doolittle, and Ryan Zimmerman up for extensions in the next couple years, the Nats can ill afford to hand out another megadeal."

30 fastest prospects in MLB (
It's Pedro Severino! Just kidding: Victor Robles is a "true burner," an "aggressive but unrefined basestealer."