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The Nats just won their first pennant and are heading to the World Series! Gear up here!

Here’s where you can get all your Nats merch before the Fall Classic kicks off!

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Hopefully you were there last night to see the Washington Nationals clinch the NL Pennant, but if not, there’s good news. There’s more baseball to come and you can head out to your first World Series games as a Nationals fans geared up proper.

Our friends at Breaking T have you covered in the t-shirt area, and there’s more from Fanatics below so you look sharp when the World Series returns to D.C. for the first time since 1933... That’s [counts on fingers] 86 years without the World Series in the nation’s capital. But that drought is over. Now for the Nationals to win the darn thing...

If this is a dream, do us a favor and don’t wake us up.

We’re just happy we don’t have to lie to the little kids any more and tell them that the baseball season just ends after the NLDS each year like we used to back when the Nationals used to get eliminated in the Division Series. Sorry, kids. Surprise, there’s an NLCS and a World Series.

And the World Series is coming back D.C. Still hard to believe...

The BreakingT Nats Collection!

The Nats NLCS Champs T-shirts!

The Nats NLCS Champs hoodies!

World Series bound hats!