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Washington Nationals’ Trea Turner FINALLY has surgery to fix crooked right index finger

“Only took 7 months to get this finger fixed but now my ring will fit better!” - Trea Turner on Instagram

Screencap via MLB Network

Trea Turner showed off the broken right index finger he suffered in the fourth game of the 2019 campaign, (which never quite healed right), when he spoke with MLB Network’s hosts following Game 7 of the World Series in Houston.

“He has eight fingers right now,” Anthony Rendon joked.

“This is my right-handed fist,” Turner said holding up his right hand for the camera.

Screencap via MLB Network

“This is what I got.”

“That’s why he threw all those cutters to me at first base,” Ryan Zimmerman chimed in. “Clean it up next year.”

“The season’s done, I’m good now,” Turner said. “We’re going to figure it out.”

“So is it going to stay like that or what?” Harold Reynolds asked.

“I don’t know,” Turner laughed. “Your guess is as good as mine right now.”

In spite of the issues, and the fact that he couldn’t hit with ten fingers on the bat, Turner still managed to put up a .296/.352/.487 line, 36 doubles, five triples, and 17 home runs after his stint on the Injured List.

Turner went 17 for 73 in the postseason (.233/.291/.329) with four doubles and a home run in 17 games and 79 plate appearances on the way to the Nationals’ World Series win, and after resting up for a couple weeks, the 26-year-old shortstop finally had surgery to fix the finger, as he noted on his own Instagram page.

“Only took 7 months to get this finger fixed but now my ring will fit better!” Turner wrote, though he probably doesn’t, you know, actually wear a ring on his index finger.

“Thank you to Dr. Carlson and all the staff at @hspecialsurgery for taking care of me! World class job by everyone! Forever thankful!

“Can’t wait to start hitting with 10 fingers...”

What will a ten-fingered Turner be able to do next season?