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Vote for the Washington Nationals’ All-Decade Team

It’s time to vote for the Washington Nationals’ All-Decade team. Prepare yourself for some tough decisions in this...

Houston Astros v Washington Nationals

Although the 2010s started out rough for the Washington Nationals, they finish off the decade on top of the baseball world after their World Series victory just a matter of weeks ago.

Coming off of two-straight 100-loss years, the first season this decade didn’t go much better as the Nats were still struggling to get out of the basement, losing 93 games in 2010. However, there was hope on the horizon for the franchise...

A whole host of young talent was lurking in the minor leagues as the decade started.

Generational talents such as Stephen Strasburg, Bryce Harper, and Anthony Rendon were waiting in the wings hoping to transform the future of the team.

Spearheaded by this talent, the Nationals’ window flung open in 2012 as they cruised to the NL East title, the first of four division crowns this decade. Though it took them five tries in the postseason to make their mark, they certainly did that and more in 2019.

With all of the success that the Nationals have had in the 2010s, it’s time to reflect back on the last 10 years and some of the people that helped make this team such a success.

So, here at Federal Baseball, we’re going to be creating an All-Decade team for the Washington Nationals. That means you, our FBB readers, will decide who gets selected.

Below is a link to a Google Form where you can cast your vote, but first, make sure you read the instructions on how to vote, as if your vote is filled out incorrectly, it could be removed.


  • The survey is divided up into three sections: Position Players, Pitchers, and Manager.
  • You must pick one player at each position, three starting pitchers, three relievers, and a manager to complete the survey. You may only vote for those on the shortlists for each position, there are no write-in votes.
  • Players are eligible at positions they spent a decent portion of their time with the Nats at, and some players are eligible at multiple positions, so there is some flexibility for you when voting.
  • However, you can’t vote for the same player at multiple positions (e.g. voting for Ryan Zimmerman at both first base and at third base). If there is a ballot with the same player at multiple positions, the whole vote will be invalid and removed.
  • There is no specific criteria for how you vote. You can vote for who you perceive to be the best player, your personal fan favorite, and can prioritize whatever you wish, whether that be based on volume, better rate stats, or any intangibles.


All of the stats for each player are for their whole time with the Nationals regardless of position. It’s not restricted by stats accrued at the position in question, except the fielding stats (DRS and UZR), which will be specific to that position.

Make sure you check back with us later in December for the full results of the vote and see who makes the cut. There are plenty of tough choices that could come right down to the wire...