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Wire Taps: Anthony Rendon and the Nationals; Ben’s Chili Bowl & a World Series bet; Howie Kendrick in 2019...

Catch up on the last 24 hours in Nationals news and try to adjust to the fact that there won’t be baseball for months.

Washington Nationals Victory Parade Photo by Chaz Niell/Getty Images

It’s an adjustment really. All those games, a longer season than ever, and a World Series win, a parade, and week-long celebration, and now ... nothing. It’s over. The Hot Stove season is coming. But until then, all we have are links to keep us busy. We’re trying to adjust to this all, this new reality. Links help. Go read your links...


Anthony Rendon contract: How much is 3B worth in free agency? - (WaPost)
"According to Dan Szymborski’s 2020 ZiPS projections, not only is Rendon expected to be the best-performing player from this group, he is expected to be the best-performing free agent available among all positional players."

Predicting Nationals' 2020 Opening Day roster - (
"The Nationals declined their option on Yan Gomes for 2020, so they will need to find another catcher to split time with Suzuki, who turned 36 in October."

Stephen Strasburg and Anthony Rendon free agency decisions mean Nats’ party is over - (WaPost)
"The confetti hasn’t all landed on Constitution Avenue, and the concerns about who will be a Nat next spring are raw."

With free agency underway, Nats extend two qualifying offers - (MASN)
"Five full days have passed since the Nationals won the World Series, and a lot has a lot happened in those five days."


World Series Wager Watch: A Houston Restaurant Owner Will Serve Half-Smokes At Ben's Chili Bowl - (DCist)
"If the Astros won the series, Ben’s Chili Bowl staff would travel to Houston to serve up some of the local chain’s famous hot dogs at the Klub. In the case of a Nats victory, Davis would come back to D.C. and serve traditional Texan half-smokes while outfitted in Ben’s Chili Bowl t-shirts."

How "Elmo" Ended up in the Nationals' World Series Parade - (Washington City Paper)
"When he reached the front of parade around 12:30 p.m., security told him to go through the gate.

"'I guess they thought I was a part of the parade,' Apunte says. 'I guess he wanted to whisk me out of the craziness.'"


World Series: Nationals topped Astros in seven key moments - (Sports Illustrated)
"The World Series comebacks, one in the fifth inning and one in the seventh, highlighted the inherent beauty of baseball."

Passan answers 20 big hot stove questions as free agency starts and MLB's offseason drama begins - (ESPN)
"Rendon, 29, is the goods: a superb hitter with elite bat-to-ball skills, power, a great eye and a well-above-average glove."

Nationals have World Series ring and strong core, but they'll need to spend for chance to repeat - (
"While at this writing the party has yet to fully subside, in certain corners of the organization the focus has already shifted to the future."

All Hail Howie Kendrick, The Nationals’ Low-Launch-Angle Conquering Hero - (Forbes)
"What is interesting is how the traits that have allowed Kendrick to survive and thrive run counter to many of the game’s other trends."

Washington Nationals' World Series win gives MLB best local TV ratings since 1998 - (CNBC)
"The Washington Nationals have revived baseball in the nation’s capital, and the television ratings are proof Major League Baseball is making a comeback in the D.C. area."

Short Relief: After David Beats Goliath - (Baseball Prospectus)
"It wasn’t until the Nationals added two insurance runs in the top of the ninth that I figured it out: I’m not comfortable rooting for a champion."