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Wire Taps: Washington Nationals welcome Stephen Strasburg back; Mike Rizzo on the Nats’ interest in Josh Donaldson + more...

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Catch up on the last 24 hours in Nationals news while we wait to see who will play second and third base in 2020.

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MLB: World Series-Championship Parade Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports

Stephen Strasburg was asked during yesterday’s press conference announcing the new 7-year/$245M deal with the Washington Nationals, if the idea of spending the entirety of his career with one team was important to him when he signed his long-term deal in D.C. after testing free agency.

“I think it does have an impact on the organization from a standpoint that I’ve been around here long enough to know that a lot of young kids don’t even know who I am,” Strasburg joked.

“They know who Trea Turner is, they know who Juan Soto is, but you know I think as much as the Nats fans that were here from Day 1 grow up with this organization and continue to pass the tradition down to their kids, that’s something that you want to be a part of, I think that’s something really cool.”

Cool, cool, cool. Go read your links...


Welcome back, Stras:

Now a Nat for life, Strasburg says D.C. has "become home to me" - (MASN)
"When the Nationals took him with the No. 1 pick in the draft, he was a shy 20-year-old with a once-in-a-generation arm and a limitless future in a strange place."

Stephen Strasburg gets what he really wanted: To be a ‘National for life’ - (WaPost)
"For 36 days, Stephen Strasburg had no choice but to wonder about his future."

Stephen Strasburg’s relationship with Max Scherzer is among reasons he returned to Nationals - (NBC Sports Washington)
"Tuesday’s jovial feting of [Stephen] Strasburg returning to the Nationals featured standard ditties for such an event..."

Stephen Strasburg is back, just as the Nationals planned - (WaPost)
"The World Series champs are not difficult to analyze. They always say their plan is to build on elite starting pitching."

Stephen Strasburg National for life - (Washington Times)
"When Stephen Strasburg’s press conference at Nationals Park to showcase his return to the Washington Nationals ended Tuesday morning, his two young daughters ran over to Uncle Max Scherzer for a hug."

Who’s on Third?:

Strasburg and Scherzer on losing Rendon in free agency - (MASN)
"One way the club could answer that question mark at the hot corner is giving one of their top prospects, Carter Kieboom, a chance to compete for the spot in spring training."

Mike Rizzo confirms rumors that the Nationals are interested in Josh Donaldson - (NBC Sports Washington)
"If the former MVP chooses to sign elsewhere, the Nationals options are slim. Rumors have surfaced that Donaldson wants a four-year contract close to $100 million."

Other Nationals Links:

Nats engaged with options to replace Rendon - (
“'We have interest in Josh Donaldson,' Rizzo said. 'We're in conversations with a lot of different people and [there are] a lot of moving parts, and he's one of them.'"

Healthy again, Scherzer will head to Florida in two weeks - (MASN)
"[Max] Scherzer indeed will depart for West Palm Beach right after New Year’s Day, just as he typically does to get a jump start on spring training."


Boras' billions: baseball agent creates free-agent flurry - (Washington Times)
"He opened the winter meetings by striking a $245 million, seven-year deal between World Series MVP Stephen Strasburg and the Washington Nationals. That record contract for pitchers lasted just one day..."

Nationals' top defensive plays of the decade - (
"Narrowing down a decade’s worth of diving catches, rocket throws and impossible grabs is a nearly impossible task, especially considering some of the great defensive players that have worn a Nationals uniform for much of this decade."

Stephen Strasburg returns to Nationals, hopes he never leaves - (ESPN)
"Naturally, Stephen Strasburg thought of himself pitching for a team other than the Nationals."

The best and worst free-agent signing of the decade for all 30 MLB teams - (ESPN)
"Bad: Nate McLouth, 2014 (2 years, $10.75 million): Give Mike Rizzo credit: He has had very few misses in free agency, even on his one- and two-year deals. McLouth lasted just one year in D.C., hitting .173 with one home run in 73 games."

Stephen Strasburg, Washington Nationals thrilled about reunion - (USA TODAY)
"Since drafting Strasburg, the Nationals have been blessed with significant good fortune while also forging their own."

Cooperstown opens exhibit honoring Nationals' World Series championship - (
"The exhibit for the Nationals is not the only thing that will display the success of Washington. Cooperstown is planning to also do additional programming in 2020 to highlight the team's success."