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Wire Taps: Washington Nationals’ 2020 Infield; Stephen Strasburg’s MLB debut + more Nats links...

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Catch up on the weekend that was in Nationals links while we all wait for the Nats’ next roster move...

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Pittsburgh Pirates v Washington Nationals Photo by G Fiume/Getty Images

So yeah, this is what passes for a collection of Nationals links at this time of year. We did all we could to find something for you to read this morning, and there are a few interesting or at least readable stories in there.

So dig in while we all wait for something truly newsworthy to happen. Go read your links...


Where does Carter Kieboom fit best in Nationals infield? - (MASN)
”Few players will have a microscope trained on them in spring training like Carter Kieboom, who will get a laser focus usually not afforded rookies.”

The Nationals' Racing Presidents had an epic race at the Military Bowl - (NBC Sports Washington)
"Any Nationals fan that was watching the Military Bowl on Friday saw something take place that looked very familiar."

Then and now, Stephen Strasburg helps lead new generation of Nats - (MASN)
"General manager Mike Rizzo has had a front row seat to see how Strasburg has evolved over the years in his quiet, unassuming way into a leader in the clubhouse."

These are the most-read sports stories from 2019 - (
"If we learned anything about you guys in 2019, it's that you are die-hard Nationals fans -- or you just enjoy jumping on the bandwagon of winning teams."

On Juan Soto as possible MVP, the shuffle and a long-term deal - (MASN)
"General manager Mike Rizzo said in late August on 106.7 The Fan he would offer Soto $180 million over 10 years right now, but he did not think the slugger would accept that. And that is true."

Sports losses in 2019: Newcombe, Robinson, Starr, Havlicek - (Washington Times)
"Frank Robinson, 83 - He slid hard and played hard and knew how to make an entrance. In his first game as manager, a player-manager for the Cleveland Indians, Robinson homered in the first inning."

Games that shaped the decade in local sports - (WTOP)
"Has there been a more anticipated MLB debut than [Stephen] Strasburg’s in recent memory?"


Bowden: The top 30 free agents still available and where they might land – (The Athletic)
"[Josh] Donaldson has benefitted from Anthony Rendon and Mike Moustakas signing early and now there’s a bidding war for his services led by the Nationals, Twins and Braves."

‘Very dangerous trend’: Baseball failing to hire African American managers - (
"Dusty Baker was still open to a manager’s job when the Nationals won the World Series in October."


Braves have signed most players, but not spent the most this offseason - (
"A total of 47 baseball free agents — seven by Atlanta alone — have signed so far this offseason."

The most forgettable and least impactful Phillies of the decade - (NBC Sports Philadelphia)
"The most forgettable Phils. Guys who disappointed you, disappeared quickly, were here for just a brief stay or who you don't even remember being here."

Bullpen projected as NL's best may surprise you - (
"Could the National League’s best 2020 bullpen reside in … Queens?"

Sterling Sharp interview: New Marlins pitcher preps for 2020 MLB debut - (Fish Stripes)
"I was lucky enough to be able to talk to Sterling this offseason and ask him a couple questions to introduce him to Marlins fans."