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Wire Taps: Do Bryce Harper and the Giants make sense? Nationals’ 2019 rotation and remaining roster needs...

Catch up on the last 24 hours in Nationals news while we wait for pitchers and catchers to report and wait to see if Bryce Harper finds a home soon...

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Division Series - Washington Nationals v San Francisco Giants - Game Four Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Bryce Harper’s odds of ending up in Orange and Black are looking increasingly high, which, as it goes, isn’t a bad outcome. Sure, the Giants beat the Nats in a testy NLDS (then again, what NL team didn’t fall to the Giants in the 2010s) and brawled with them (over... Bryce Harper and a player that no longer pitches for San Francisco), but beyond that, they’re far away, not a *real* rival, have a nice ballpark and fanbase, and best of all, only come to D.C. three times a year but still play the Braves, Mets, and Phillies seven times each.

Give it a thought, at least.

Here’s the news from West Palm Beach, where camp will open in three days.

Bryce Harper free agency: San Francisco Giants serious as late entry (USA Today)
Take it with a grain of salt seeing as it's from Nightengale, but apparently the Giants may make Harper a shorter-term deal with a high annual value.

Warriors coach Kerr encourages Harper to sign with Giants - (Yahoo!Sports)
"Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr wants Bryce Harper to join the San Francisco Giants."

Bryce Harper's continued availability raises concern over slow MLB offseason - (Washington Times)
"It’s not just Harper and Machado. Five-time All-Star outfielder Adam Jones, former Cy Young winner Dallas Keuchel and seven-time All-Star closer Craig Kimbrel were all still on the market as of Sunday."

Watch Warriors' Steve Kerr Recruit Bryce Harper Amid Giants Rumors (Bleacher Report)
"That would be fun," he told reporters when asked about the possibility Harper could sign with the San Francisco Giants. "I would love it if Bryce Harper came here. Does my opinion count here? Bryce, come to the Giants. Let's go."

Bryce Harper Is Playing Hardball. He Should Play Softball. (WSJ)
The Journal has a pitch for Harper and Machado: Central Park in the springtime on the WSJ softball team, facing off against Forbes and Buzzfeed (apparently Harper looks like a video guy anyway).

Matt LeCroy on the day Frank Robinson cried - (Yahoo!Sports)
"LeCroy was in the lineup that day in May when Robinson removed his struggling catcher mid-inning, regarded in baseball culture as near heartless."

Nationals Sean Doolittle named MLB Network’s second best reliever (NBCSW)
Doolittle ranks ahead of Hader, Treinen, Diaz, and Chapman, only behind Kimbrel.

Nationals' Opening Day roster prediction (
The Nats are pretty set in the infield, outfield, and in their rotation — but their bench and bullpen leave some wiggle room for the Difos, Sueros, and Solises of the world.

The Nationals again made a huge commitment to starting pitching. Will it pay off? - (WaPost)
"Unless the Nationals re-sign star outfielder Bryce Harper — which, at this point, would take ownership’s willingness to go well beyond the Competitive Balance Tax threshold — Rizzo will spend heavily on those elite starters, and not so much on middle-lineup bats and back-end relievers."

Despite lack of roster holes, Nats could add more players this spring - (MASN)
"There are tons of relievers still available, and unlike [Bryce] Harper and Manny Machado they may grow desperate for a job very soon."