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Wire Taps: Trea Turner’s power bails Nats out; Nationals’ bullpen struggling early; Awaiting MAT’s return...

Catch up on the last 24 hours in Nationals news and enjoy your off day as much as you can before the circus comes to town...

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MLB: New York Mets at Washington Nationals Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Okay, so the bullpen looks iffy currently. One has to hope for most of the guys to revert to career norms — but in the meantime, the Nats are producing runs well and the rotation looks decent thus far. In conclusion, we know very little about the Nats because it is the fourth game of the season.

Here’s the news from Nats Park:

Nats turn to Turner's power, not speed, to secure first win (MASN)
They’ve still got issues to sort out, especially in their bullpen, but right now they’re just happy to celebrate a 6-5 win made possible by one of the biggest highlights of Turner’s career. “It’s up there,” he said. “Home runs are always nice, but a walk-off home run to put your team on top is very nice, too. Especially in your home stadium with the fans going crazy.” (Also, Sean Doolittle thinks the team bailing out its bullpen is good chemistry, though it is sometimes the sort of thing that drives a wedge between a team if it goes on for too long.)

Trea Turner hits walk-off homer to beat Mets (
Everyone wants Trea Turner to be a contact hitter except for Trea Turner, who sees himself as a "pure hitter." Yesterday, that calculus worked out with two homers — but the game itself was yet another implosion at the hands of the bullpen, with even Sean Doolittle falling victim to the problems.

It’s too soon to panic over Victor Robles, but one thing is clear: The Nats need Michael Taylor (The Athletic)
Victor Robles is the captain of the outfield. Which isn't a great thing, because he's still struggling out there, unfamiliar with Nationals Park and the big-league outfield. Michael A. Taylor, if he were around, would not be making these errors — and likely would be supplanting Robles occasionally.

Teams are circling on Dallas Keuchel and Craig Kimbrel; the Padres are determined to add a starter (The Athletic)
Teams are at least "circling" on Keuchel, while the Mets and Brewers are checking in on Kimbrel, though the Brewers are much more interested in Kimbrel and the Mets are just doing "due diligence."

Trea Turner’s second home run of the day bails out bullpen, gives Nationals their first win (WaPo)
“It wasn’t the way we scripted it,” said Manager Dave Martinez, taking a heavy breath before his postgame news conference. “But we’ll take it.”

Should there be concern over bullpen overuse in just third game of the season? (MASN)
Tony Sipp felt like he executed his game plan, but he knows his velocity isn't quite where it needs to be yet. In the meantime, Trevor Rosenthal's attempt to make up for his abysmal debut didn't exactly go so well.

Nats line up Max Scherzer for three starts in first eight games (MASN)
It doesn't really make sense (because Scherzer was going to pitch against the Phillies no matter what, and he would've gotten extra rest after throwing 109 pitches to open the year), but Max will stay on a five-day cycle.

MLB's top prospects star on Sunday (
Victor Robles went 2-for-4 yesterday, putting up the third and fourth of his extra base hits this year.

Nationals broadcasters joke about dogs (
FP Santangelo: still good at giving fake names to dogs.