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Confidence in direction of the Washington Nationals down to 46% in latest FanPulse voting...

In spite of the fact that the Nationals have shown signs of turning things around after a rough start, the confidence in the direction of the team among FanPulse voters is down for a second week in row

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When this week’s poll went out to the Washington Nationals fans participating in the SB Nation’s FanPulse voting, the Nats were coming off a series win in Citi Field, where they managed to take 2 of 3 from the New York Mets, leaving them 4-4 at that point, before Davey Martinez’s squad managed to take 2 of 3 from the Philadelphia Phillies as well, to finish up their six-game road trip 4-2 with a 6-5 record overall on the season.

In spite of their performance, the confidence in the team is down for the third straight week after the Opening Day glow of optimism has worn off:

The confidence vote is down to 46% from 95% on Opening Day and 60% on April 1st. Is it the bullpen? Are the issues in the back end and concerns about the relief corps leading a portion of the fanbase to lose confidence in the direction of the team?

The managerial approval percentage is down as well, from 73% to 53% to 31%. What has Davey Martinez done over that stretch that’s led to that drop?

Also, and we’re sorry for posting this now that we see the image the SB Nation FanPulse folks chose for this one, but they asked about bat flips in this week’s poll as well:

Where are you on these questions? If you didn’t participate in the FanPulse survey the first three weeks, you can still sign up above or HERE.