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FanPost Prompt: Should Nationals manager Dave Martinez be on the hot seat...

As the Washington Nationals move into week four of their 2019 season, our latest FanPost Prompt covers the potential future of Dave Martinez...

MLB: New York Mets at Washington Nationals Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

The Washington Nationals have lurked around .500 in the early going of the 2019 season, but it has been far from uneventful so far. It’s a perfect time for you to share your thoughts about the team’s early-season performance.

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Over the past two weeks, we’ve covered the bullpen and the lineup without Trea Turner. So this week, we look at the manager.

Should Dave Martinez be on the hot seat already?

With yet another hot-and-cold start to the season, Nationals manager Dave Martinez continues to draw a lot of criticism from fans and the media after the team’s 7-7 start to the new season.

He was spared at the end of last year’s disappointing campaign, but surely a similar year will see him gone by season’s end, if not sooner, right?

What does Martinez need to do, on or off the field, to keep his job?

Does he need to hit a certain win total at the end of a certain month? Should he get to finish out the season regardless, and then assess his performance?

If you think he’s not the man for the job, who should the front office be looking at to replace him?

What areas does he still need to improve on as a manager? What has he done well that should buy him more time?

Should the players be more accountable for their substandard performance since Martinez took the reins?

The comments are closed again as we hope to inspire you to write a longer FanPost on the subject. We look forward to reading your thoughts on one of the more polarizing subjects around the team right now.