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FanPost Prompt: How much should the Nationals pay for an Anthony Rendon extension...

Anthony Rendon has been carrying the Nationals’ offense at times this season. In our latest FanPost prompt, we ask how much should the Nats offer for an extension...

MLB: Washington Nationals at Philadelphia Phillies Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

We still haven’t had any luck picking up some extra FanPosts so far this season, but there’s still plenty to discuss around the Washington Nationals, so we’re going to keep trying.

In an effort to revive out FanPost section we hope to post a FanPost Prompt every Monday, giving you a potential topic for a FanPost to express your thoughts with more detail than the comments section provides.

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It’s a fantastic opportunity to get your writing in front of a large audience, sharing your thoughts with a large portion on the Nats community.

This week, we take a look at arguably the biggest pending free agent in baseball this season and ask the following...

How much should the Nats pay to extend Anthony Rendon?

After Bryce Harper signed with the Philadelphia Phillies, a lot of attention turned to the next Nationals cornerstone, Anthony Rendon. The third baseman is headed for free agency at the end of the season and the Nats can little afford to lose two stars in two straight offseasons.

While negotiations still seem pretty far apart, both sides are still keen to get something done, as evidenced by multiple reports of a meeting between Rendon, Mike Rizzo and Mark Lerner last week.

So, put yourself in the Nationals’ shoes, how much would you be willing to offer Rendon?

Would you be willing to go up to a deal similar to the eight-year, $260 million one that Nolan Arenado got from the Colorado Rockies?

Would you be worried about the number of years involved? Would you only want to offer a maximum of six or seven years?

Would you give Rendon a higher annual average value than the $25.4 million AAV Harper got from the Phillies?

Would you be comfortable letting Rendon go if he was demanding above a certain price? What would be your potential succession plan if that was the case?

As we always do with these prompts, we’re disabling the comments to help encourage a FanPost rather than just discussion in the comments. Hopefully, we’l get some soon.