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60% of voting Washington Nationals fans remain confident in direction of team, BUT...

While 60% of the voters in this week’s poll said they remain confident in the direction of the team, that’s down from 95% in Week 1.

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While Washington Nationals fans, or at least the ones that voted in the latest polling, remain confident in the overall direction of the organization, with 60% of those asked if they were confident in the direction of the team punching the “Yes” button, that was down from 95% last week.

There were some changes in the other questions that were asked in the latest round of polling.

Manager approval went from 73% to 53% week 1 to week 2 as questions about second-year skipper Davey Martinez’s bullpen management and in-game decision-making once again surfaced in the first week-plus of the 2019 campaign.

Martinez expressed his frustration with the way the team played in the series finale with the Philadelphia Phillies on Wednesday as well, telling reporters he wanted to see changes, and quickly, after they outlasted their NL East rivals and were gifted a win on a walk-off walk.

“I’m not thrilled about how we’re playing,” Martinez said, “but I’m happy that the boys kept pushing, and it’s a testament to them. But we’ve got to start playing better. We worked all Spring on doing the little things, and we’ve got to make it happen. The baserunning stuff has got to go away, the defense, you know, every day we’ve got to be clean, we’re going to be good, but we can’t play like that every day and expect to come back and win games, we can’t and they know that. I’m proud of them for playing the way they played, but we’ve got to start playing baseball every day. Limit the mistakes and start playing baseball.”

Where are you on these questions? If you didn’t participate in the FanPulse survey the first two weeks, you can still sign up above or HERE.