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Wire Taps: Adam Eaton vs Todd Frazier feud explained (and other Nationals’ bullpen shenanigans!)...

Catch up on the last 24 hours in Nationals news before the third of four with the Mets in Citi Field...

Washington Nationals v New York Mets Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

Okay, let’s get this out of the way.

The 2016 White Sox—a historic mess of a team on every level—did not have a friendly clubhouse. When Drake LaRoche—son of Adam, former Nationals’ first baseman—got the boot (much to the chagrin of Adam Eaton and Chris Sale) and Jimmy Rollins followed after, Eaton—who most people didn’t seem to like—tried to take over as a leader. Todd Frazier called him out. They moved their lockers. Nobody liked anybody, especially Eaton, who Tom Boswell also noted played harder than almost anyone else on that team. That’s what this is all about. Cool?

Eaton vs Frazier:

Bernstein: The Story Behind The Stupid Todd Frazier-Adam Eaton Beef (670 The Score)
Adam Eaton is a "fake nice guy largely detested by teammates" after he tried to "fill the vacuum" of leadership left behind when Jimmy Rollins, who caused the ouster of Drake LaRoche, left the team. Todd Frazier called him out, causing the team to move his locker. Also, apparently, Eaton still has a jersey that Chris Sale cut up in the 2016 season, which, uh, if so, please post pictures, Adam.

Todd Frazier and Adam Eaton's deliciously petty beef is reaching 'Real Housewives' levels (Yahoo!)
Eaton and Frazier shared a clubhouse on the 2016 White Sox: the team that told Drake LaRoche to leave, the team that caused Chris Sale to physically cut up a throwback jersey. Apparently, Eaton tried to take a leadership role in Chicago — and Frazier says that everyone else would agree with him that he was a cancer in the clubhouse. A quote from Frazier: "Pay off your mortgage." Eaton: "I have more humility than he does."

It's Impossible To Oversell How Dumb This Adam Eaton–Todd Frazier Beef Has Gotten (Deadspin)
Somehow, it all comes back to Drake LaRoche, toxic masculinity, and mortgages.

Ozzie Guillen fires shots on air at Adam Eaton after beef with Todd Frazier resurfaces (NBCSW)
Hey, look, Ozzie Guillen had to get involved!

Here are the other links from Queens:

Nationals’ bullpen melts down again as Mets walk off with 6-5 win (WaPo)
They had a two-run lead in the seventh. It vanished. They had a one-run lead in the eighth. They blew it. They had a tie game in the ninth. The tie disappeared. From Wander Suero to Tanner Rainey to Kyle Barraclough, the bullpen proved—yet again—that it can't be trusted, especially on short review.

Nationals bullpen stumbles in slugfest with Mets (
Any time a Nationals reliever sees any success, they immediately go into the high-leverage spots. Take Tanner Rainey and Wander Suero—who performed well on Sunday and Monday—and then blew it on Tuesday.

Jeremy Hellickson to injured list (
Jeremy Hellickson has had a lingering shoulder injury over the last few months that's stifled him — and on Tuesday, when his performance finally fell apart entirely, the Nats decided to give him ten days to deal with it. Then again, he was out in center field throwing long toss, so who really knows.

By the slimmest of margins, Mets walk off Nats (MASN)
The chopper to short looked like it would let the Nationals out of the jam. Trea Turner uncorked a strong throw. Then Amed Rosario, by a half step, ended the game. That's how it ended this time, at least — yet another loss, putting the Nats ten games under .500.

Guerra ready for whatever relief role is needed (MASN)
Guerra found himself in Washington in the blink of an eye, ready to "take the ball whenever they call."

Hellickson lands on IL with shoulder strain (MASN)
“It’s just something that’s kind of been there since spring training,” Hellickson said. “Really hasn’t gotten better. It hasn’t really gotten worse. Hopefully we’ll just take these 10 days and take it light and hopefully get back to close to 100 percent.”

Juan Soto definitely broke Statcast with monster HR over upper deck (USA Today)
Hear us out: Soto hit the ball at 109 MPH 36 degrees into the air. The ball went into the concourse of the second deck, at least 380 feet away — but probably more. And you're telling us that it was only a 410-foot shot?