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FanPost Prompt: Who needs to step up most for the Washington Nationals?

The Nationals’ injury woes continued with Juan Soto and Matt Adams landing on the IL. For our next FanPost Prompt, we ask, who needs to step up most with all the injuries...

MLB: Washington Nationals at Colorado Rockies Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

We finally got a FanPost after our prompts! We want to keep this going to inspire further debates and hopefully, more FanPosts around the main topics of conversation on the Washington Nationals.

We hope to post a FanPost Prompt every Monday, giving you a potential topic for a FanPost to express your thoughts with more detail than the comments section provides.

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Then, on Friday we’ll have a FanPost Friday, meaning the stories that get the most recs and comments during the week will be shared in the Top 5 stories on the homepage.

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It’s a fantastic opportunity to get your writing in front of a large audience, sharing your thoughts with a large portion of the Nats community.

So without further ado, here’s a look at this week’s potential topic...

Who needs to step up most for the Nationals?

With Juan Soto going on the Injured List on Saturday, the Nats are now without four of the eight Opening Day starting position players. Anthony Rendon, Trea Turner, and Ryan Zimmerman are the others, meaning the team has to run with a patched-up lineup.

So with the offense hampered, who on the team needs to start picking up the slack?

Can Brian Dozier figure things out and become a power bat in the middle of the order?

Is there a rookie that badly needs to improve their performance? Will Carter Kieboom be able to rebound? Can Jake Noll fill in admirably at first base?

Can Wilmer Difo return to his 2017 form and become a solid presence in the lineup as a super-utility type of player?

Does the second half of the rotation need to step things up and keep games close enough for a hobbled offense to beat?

If the bullpen can finally put a consistent run of dominance together, could this team go on a run of victories?

Can Dave Martinez step up and get the most out of the fringe players? What should he do differently to achieve this?

The comments are closed once again as we hope for FanPost responses instead of comments. We look forward to hearing your spicy hot takes on the subject.