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Wire Taps: Why is attendance down Nationals Park?; To buy or sell; Nats inching back

Catch up on the last 24 hours in Nationals news before the start of the series with the D-backs...

Chicago White Sox v Washington Nationals Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

The links are not aplenty today, which perhaps has something to do with the fact that one of the Post’s beat writers was stuck in Cincinnati, for some reason.

Anyhow, here are the links:

Washington Nationals attendance is down. Here are some possible reasons. (WaPo)
The Nats are winners of 12 of their last 17. School is letting out. There's an Obi-Sean Kenobi giveaway. If attendance doesn't tick up now from its lowest rate since 2011, can the Nationals be blamed — or is it part of a greater trend in baseball — or is it just the fact that DC fans don't show up in force that often and are buying fewer season tickets because the team is losing?

Will Nationals buy or sell before Trade Deadline (
Yes, the Nats won a bunch of games — but they were against middling teams. If they keep knocking off the wins ahead of the deadline, then it might make sense to buy — but they should also know when to pull the trigger on a sale.

With improvement in all phases, Nats inching back into race (MASN)
The Nationals were 12 under and 10 back on May 24. They're now five under and seven back. It's not ideal, but progress has occurred almost everywhere, even in the bullpen.

What's up with Corbin? (Sweetspot – Nationals Baseball)
For the Nats to make a comeback, everything has to snap into place. But Patrick Corbin, far more homer-prone than before as he walks more and struggles with BABIP, has not snapped into place.

Wednesday’s News & Notes (Nationals Prospects)
Jacob Condra-Bogan is good, dang it!