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Washington Nationals and Philadelphia Phillies postponed by inclement weather again...

For the second night in a row, the Nationals and Phillies’ series opener has been postponed due to inclement weather in the nation’s capital.

MLB: Philadelphia Phillies at Washington Nationals Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Will the Washington Nationals ever play baseball again? Will the rain ever stop? They waited 2 hours and 55 minutes before postponing last night’s scheduled series opener with the NL East rival Philadelphia Phillies, which has been rescheduled as part of a split doubleheader tomorrow afternoon (weather permitting, of course, and don’t look at the forecast unless you want to get depressed about the lack of baseball so far this week).

Tonight’s game has now been postponed as well, after a two-hour, six-minute delay while the teams waited to see if the rain in the nation’s capital would clear out long enough for them to get the series started.

It did not clear up, so the second straight game was washed out, with this one to be made up as part of a split doubleheader in September, in what is now going to be a late-season, five-game series with the Phillies in the nation’s capital...

During last night’s rain delay, some of the Nationals spent their time watching old footage of themselves hitting home runs, as Nationals’ skipper Davey Martinez told reporters in today’s pre-game press conference.

“We were watching some of the old videos of guys hitting home runs, including myself, so it was kind of fun,” Martinez said.

“I watched some of [Max] Scherzer’s home runs, [Stephen] Strasburg’s home runs, so we were just watching all of these videos of all of our guys hitting home runs, so it was kind of cool.”

Martinez was apparently also asked if he ever “pimped” his home runs, watched it go out or maybe flipped his bat? His answer?

”I wasn’t a pimper. I didn’t [hit] that many to pimp,” Martinez said, as quoted by Washington Post beat writer Jesse Dougherty.

What do they usually do during delays? MASN’s Alex Chappell asked relievers Matt Grace and Trevor Rosenthal.

“Some guys play cards I think,” Grace said, “or watch whatever is on TV, or go back and maybe get some treatment, work out maybe if we think it’s going to be an extended rain delay.”

“Did you work out?” Chappell asked.

“No. I did not. No,” Grace laughed.

And Rosenthal’s response?

“Just hang out and just basically go into a holding pattern waiting to get ready, and a lot of the time checking the phone and trying to be a meteorologist and predict radar and cloud patterns and the different precipitation in the area and figure out how long we’re going to be waiting until the game starts,” he said.

Maybe there will be more fun stories tomorrow after another night of waiting and no actual baseball.

There are games scheduled for 1:05 and 7:05 tomorrow. We’ll see if they actually play them.

The Nationals announced tonight that Patrick Corbin, who’s been waiting two days to start now, is scheduled to start the 1:05 PM game...