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Wire Taps: Max Scherzer has night to remember; Patrick Corbin returns to form; Wander Suero’s struggles

Catch up on the last 24 hours in Nationals news before another game against the Phillies...

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Philadelphia Phillies v Washington Nationals - Game Two Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Some days, you get rained out. Other days, you get rained out again. And other days, you see one of the most gutsy and jaw-dropping pitching performances of the season.

Here’s the news from Nats Park:

Max Scherzer’s Trade Value (Fangraphs)
Say there were teams interested in Scherzer, and say a win is worth about $9 million. If that's the case, Scherzer, who's projected for another 14.6 wins during the rest of his contract, should bring in two top-100 prospects, one towards the top and one towards the bottom of the list. But then consider that the Nats expect to contend at least through this year and next year, which raises the value they would need to get in return, the Nats would need essentially two top-20 prospects. He's simply worth too much to the team to be traded to anyone.

Max Scherzer grits his way through broken nose in stellar outing, win vs. Phillies (NBCSW/AP)
"Trust me, this thing looks a lot worse than it actually is," Scherzer said. "I felt zero pain. There's been plenty of other injuries where I felt a lot of pain and I've had to pitch through. I'll hang my hat on those starts, but tonight I felt zero pain. This is part of what you have to do. You take the ball every fifth time.”

Bloody but unbowed: Scherzer adds to his legacy with a gem a day after breaking his nose (The Athletic)
Scherzer gutted out 117 pitches, seven scoreless innings, and ten strikeouts all with a black eye and a broken nose. It was electric and a reminder of what a special talent Max is — there are few players who would do it.

Scherzer "most impressive" in 2-0 shutout of Phillies (MASN)
Scherzer continued his roll that started in late May and threw his eleventh straight quality start. He allowed four hits. He looked absolutely insane.

Scherzer delivers twin bill shiner to Phillies (MASN)
“In that particular moment in the game, he’s the guy you want out there,” Martinez said. “I didn’t look at him. I didn’t want to look at him. He didn’t look in the dugout. I just said it’s his game, and he did what he needed to do.”

Max Scherzer pitches seven scoreless innings with a broken nose and a black eye in Nationals’ 2-0 win (WaPo)
Trea Turner gifted Scherzer a football helmet ahead of the game, just in case he bunted. As it turned out, most of the action came on the mound, crescendoing with a seventh inning strikeout of JT Realmuto.

Max Scherzer dominates Phillies with broken nose (
The Phillies had the exact opposite of a friendly face staring back at them from the pitcher's mound. It wasn't their fault he was mad, but they were in his way, and what happened was rather predictable.

The Nationals are still trying to figure out how to maximize Wander Suero’s potential (WaPo)
Wander Suero is over-used and over-discussed. He struggles in back-to-back performances, has inconsistent velocity, and his secondary pitches are always a guessing game. He has a 6.35 ERA this year. But if he can figure out how to set up his cutter and how to use it with righties, he could be dominant.

Back in action at last, Nationals open doubleheader with 6-2 win over Phillies (WaPo)
Bryce Harper came back. He got booed. But more important was the other story from the afternoon game: Patrick Corbin's dominance and Gerardo Parra's spectacular play.

After long wait, Corbin and Nats get back on track (MASN)
Lost in the glory of Scherzer's shiner was Patrick Corbin's fantastic start against Philadelphia: a seven-inning, one-run, eight-strikeout performance in which he commanded everything around him.

Parra's offense and defense helps old buddy Corbin to 6-2 win (MASN)
“I got to see that a bunch of years in Arizona, coming up with him,” Corbin said. “You can put him at any position. I’ve never seen him at first, which he’s done pretty well for us this year but he seems to come up with the big hit.

Patrick Corbin strikes out 8 in Nationals' win (
“The last three have been pretty frustrating, so you’ve just got to continue to work,” Corbin said. “There are ups and downs throughout the course of the year. I felt good with what we were doing, just wanted to continue doing it. And it was great to see some results out there.”

With 'Baby Shark' as his new walk-up song, Gerardo Parra broke out of his slump for the Nats (NBCSW)
Parra's last month at the plate has been rough, doo doo doo doo doo doo. Then he changed up his walk-up, doo doo doo doo doo. (He also had an impressive assist in the sixth inning of the day game to throw out Bryce Harper.)

This Nationals fan's Max Scherzer broken nose shirt is the best thing you'll see today (NBCSW)
Imagine a Max Scherzer shirt. Now imagine a huge bandaid over his nose. Now you're getting it.