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UPDATED: Washington Nationals’ Victor Robles leaves game with symptoms of dehydration

There was a weird/scary moment early in tonight’s game, when Victor Robles took a knee in center field and looked disoriented. He left the game with what the team said were symptoms of dehydration.

MLB: Atlanta Braves at Washington Nationals Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

One out into the top of the second inning tonight, Victor Robles dropped to one knee in center field in Nationals Park.

Washington’s head trainer Paul Lessard and manager Davey Martinez went out to check on the 21-year-old outfielder after both left fielder Juan Soto and shortstop Trea Turner went over to see what was wrong with the center fielder and seemed concerned with Robles’s reaction.

There was nothing noticeable injury-wise in the first inning of tonight’s game, but the outfielder appeared disoriented as the trainer checked on him as he sat in the outfield grass, and Robles left the game, with Lessard and Martinez and then Nats’ 1B coach Tim Bogar helping him down the stairs into the tunnel to the clubhouse.

Atlanta Braves v Washington Nationals Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images

The Nationals made an announcement a few innings later, saying that he left the game with symptoms of dehydration and was receiving an IV:

Martinez addressed the situation after the game, telling reporters that Robles got dizzy as he was standing in center and gave everyone a bit of a scare.

“He got dehydrated, got real dizzy, and you can’t mess with those things like that,” the Nats’ manager said.

“So we’ll see how he feels tomorrow. He was very light-headed, said his one eye — he lost focus. So we kind of got worried a little bit, but it was all dehydration.”

Martinez said they were watching Robles in the outfield, and he took a knee before starter Aníbal Sánchez made a pitch, and when he went down to a knee again after the play, they got concerned.

“When he went back down, I screamed it out, ‘Hold up,’ and he stayed down, so that’s when Paul and I ran out,” he explained.

“And we got out there and he just said he was dizzy. We tried to get him to look up and he said he was real dizzy. When you get to that point, where you’re that dehydrated, it’s scary.”

Will Robles be back in the lineup today? Or will they give him a day to rest and recover after a kind of scary incident?